Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sun Girl

Apparently I haven't been reading the right things, because in the upcoming Titans East storyline (beginning in Teen Titans #42), there's a new character named Sun Girl. She's related somehow - her name's Deborah Morgna. Sun Girl was mentioned by Dan DiDio back in August in one of the DC Nation columns.

Here's her Wikipedia page, with a little more about Titans East.

From Wizard #180 is this description of Sun Girl, as written by Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson:

SUN GIRL: My most dangerous weapon and my greatest concern, Deborah Morgna harnesses the power of the sun, but her real talent - and true love - is manipulating others. Disturbingly, she reminds me a great deal of Terra. Even more disturbingly, she reminds me of Rose. Hopefully neither of those assessments indicates things to come.

Art by Tony Daniels, from Wizard:

I like the upturned collar, reminiscent of the costume that her descendant(?) Dirk wore.

Finally, the cover to Teen Titans #43, just announced and appearing in January. That's her at the 2:00 position.


Terence Chua said...

That's some really awful anatomy on the Sun Girl bit of the cover: she has no lumbar spine, and her waist seems to be where her stomach should be. This is on top of the exaggerated bust that seems to be par for the course for heroine art these days.

RAB said...

A female character wearing the original Sun Boy costume would have looked cool; this version is just boring and derivative of current costume trends. And the "sunburst" cutout cleavage window just defies all logic! Are all those points of the material held on with adhesive? That would tug at her skin something fierce, especially given that she's not wearing any support.

And I challenge anyone to find a single ancestor in the year 1006 who has the same last name.

Marionette said...

I hope that's a colouring mistake because otherwise she's suffering severe nipple loss.

And BTW that's not Sun Girl. This is Sun Girl. And since it's only about six years since Marvel dragged out a really lame version of her, I'm guessing they still have the rights to the name.

Michael said...

Marionette - if you go by the pencil sketch, it looks like it should be a different-colored area rather than a cutout (I was thinking that her mutant power was to hide her nipples). The sketch costume is a little different from the cover costume, though. If it was based on the Sun Boy costume, the shirt should be red, the sunburst and collar yellow, and wrist guards gold. Looks like a bare midriff, so maybe red pants. That's how I'd color it.

Dunno what the statute of limitations on names is, but DC regularly publishes a book with a character called Sun Boy so Sun Girl is an obvious derivative.