Monday, October 16, 2006

Trivia 4 answers

Good job to the Legion of Super Trivia Guessers for finally getting the last answer to this quiz.

1. At various points, some Legionnaires used "secret identities" other than their real name or super-hero code name. Who used the following secret identities for any length of time?

  • a - Ultra Boy was known as Gary Crane when he went back to 20th century Smallville in his first appearance. (Superboy 98)
  • b, c, f - When Mon-el, Shadow Lass, and Duo Damsel went back to Smallville to escape Mordru, they took the names Bob Cobb, Betsy Norcross, and Marie Elkins, respectively. (ADV 369)
  • d, e - When Mon-el joined up, he took a couple different code names so that nobody would know it was him, including Legionnaire Lemon (an anagram of Mon-el) and Marvel Lad. (ADV 305)
  • g, i - Star Boy and Dream Girl were known as Sir Prize and Miss Terious when they tried to rejoin the Legion. (ADV 350)
  • h - Element Lad was known as Mystery Lad while he hid his powers from Roxxas.(ADV 307)
  • j - Supergirl was known as Unknown Boy once when she was under the influence of Red Kryptonite (see article here). (ADV 334)

2. Which member of a super-villain team got a statue in the Hall of Dead Heroes?
Mentalla, who had joined the Fatal Five so she could try to bring it down from within, unbeknownst to the Legion. When she died in battle, they gave her a statue. (Legion v3 #26)

3. Who had Yorggian Fever, and what effects did it have on them?
The Durlan who later became R. J. Brande caught it. It had the effect of freezing a Durlan's next transformation, so he became Brande. (As revealed in the "Secrets of the Legion" miniseries)

4. Across all continuities, how many unique members have the Fatal Five had? (count all versions of an individual character as one person - i.e., pre-Crisis Sarya the Emerald Empress, the post-reboot Empress, and both cartoon Emerald Empresses are considered the same for this question.)
I counted nine: Tharok, Validus, Persuader, Emerald Empress, and Mano (the original five); Mentalla, Caress, and Flare (replacements when the Empress led the team with Persuader by her side); and Mordecai (Validus's replacement vs the SW6 Legionnaires).

5. What warning appeared on the box for the Legion Flight Rings offered by DC Direct?
Warning: This ring does not enable the wearer to fly! (see here for a picture)

6. The Miracle Machine - when was its first chronological appearance, whose invasion of Earth was repelled by using it, who tried to steal it, and what finally happened to it?
The first chronological appearance was in "DC Comics Presents" #50, when it inadvertantly split apart Superman and Clark Kent in the 20th century. It was used to repel the invasion of Earth by the Dark Circle (Adventure 367), Ben Pares tried to steal it (Superboy 214), and Brainiac 5 used it to create Omega, after which Matter-Eater Lad ate it (S/LSH 250-251).

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Matthew E said...

I also remembered that DC Comics Presents issue (I bought it when it first came out) but it took terence chua to remind me that the Miracle Machine made an appearance in it.