Friday, October 13, 2006

Trvia quiz #4

More trivia...

1. At various points, some Legionnaires used "secret identities" other than their real name or super-hero code name. Who used the following secret identities for any length of time?
a. Gary Crane
b. Bob Cobb
c. Marie Elkins
d. Legionnaire Lemon
e. Marvel Lad
f. Betsy Norcross
g. Miss Terious
h. Mystery Lad
i. Sir Prize
j. Unknown Boy

2. Which member of a super-villain team got a statue in the Hall of Dead Heroes?

3. Who had Yorggian Fever, and what effects did it have on them?

4. Across all continuities, how many unique members have the Fatal Five had? (count all versions of an individual character as one person - i.e., pre-Crisis Sarya the Emerald Empress, the post-reboot Empress, and both cartoon Emerald Empresses are considered the same for this question.)

5. What warning appeared on the box for the Legion Flight Rings offered by DC Direct?

6. The Miracle Machine - when was its first chronological appearance, whose invasion of Earth was repelled by using it, who tried to steal it, and what finally happened to it?


Terence Chua said...

Okay, first one's easy...

a. Ultra Boy
b. Mon-El
c. Duo Damsel
d. Mon-El
e. Mon-El
f. Shadow Lass
g. Dream Girl
h. Element Lad
i. Star Boy
j. Supergirl

2. Um, I want to say Esper Lass or Saturn Queen? This one's a little vague in my memory, but I'm associating it with a Titanian for some reason.

3. R.J. Brande, and it froze him in human form.

4. Okay, this one I'm not going to bother to count.

5. Warning: This Ring Does Not Enable The Wearer to Fly!

6. Adventure #367; the Dark Circle's invasion; Ben Parres; Matter-Eater Lad eats it.

Jonathan Miller said...

4. I think there have been 9 members at various times, between Tharok's team, the Empress's team and the reboot team. Let's see, Tharok, Mano, EE, Validus, Persuader, Esper other two new recruits from late in v.3 whose names escape me...and the furry misunderstood guy from the reboot.

I guess this is what happens when you rely on a bad memory. ;-)

Other than that, Terence, good job!

Michael said...

For #6, I was looking for the first chronological appearance in the DC Universe, not the first appearance in a DC comic. We saw it before the events of ADV 367, but it was published afterwards...

Still need a definitive #2 and #4.

Lizard said...

a)Ultra Boy
c)Shadow Lass
d)Mon-El AGAIN
e)I want to say Mon El yet again...not sure.
f)Duo Damself
g)Dream Girl
h)Element Lad
i)Star Boy

4)I want to say '5'. I don't remember the team roster ever changing!

5)Umm..."does not allow flight"?

6)Not sure, the Khunds(?), the robot calling himself Molecule Lad, and Matter Eater Lads ATE it.

terence chua said...

Chronological appearance of the Dark Circle... are you talking about the off-hand mention of a Dark Circle in Books of Magic?

Michael said...

No, I meant the first chronological appearance in the DCU of the Miracle Machine. It appeared once (that I know of) in the 20th century.

Terence Chua said...

D'oh! Miracle Machine, not Dark Circle. *slaps head* You got me there.

Jonathan Miller said...

Oh, #2 is Esper Lass, the member of the Fatal Five who betrayed them and was killed in battle. I'm pretty sure, anyway. I thought Terence had gotten that one.

I'd guess the Miracle Machine appeared in either a Green Lantern (with their connection to the Controllers) or JLA story, but I couldn't tell you where....

Matthew E said...

Haven't checked anyone else's answers.

1. I only know a few of these:
b) Mon-El
d) Mon-El
g) Dream Girl
h) Element Lad
i) Star Boy
j) Supergirl?

2. That's a good question. Mentalla?

4. This one I know. I was doing trivia elsewhere and missed the answer to this one. But I'll get it this time!

Tharok, Validus, the Persuader, Mano, the Emerald Empress, the Emerald Eye (sometimes separate from the Empress), Mentalla, Caress, Flare, Mordecai. So that's ten.

5. Something about how it doesn't actually help you fly?

6. Don't know, the Khunds?, the Molecule Master (working for, I think, the Time Trapper), Matter-Eater Lad ate it.

Jonathan Miller said...

That's right, Mentalla! Esper Lass was someone else. Man, I really have to get my comics out of storage...

Terence Chua said...

Mentalla, of course! Knew it was a mind reader. It all comes back to me now.

So we're sort of left with the first chronological appearance of the Miracle Machine. I'm thinking it must have been in Darkstars somewhere (given the Controller connection), although I can't really say where because I never read Darkstars.

Terence Chua said...

Wait a sec, something just occurred to me...

I'm going to try and guess, "When You Wish Upon A Planetoid", DC Comics Presents #50. An uncontrollable Miracle Machine gets sucked out of the Controller universe and into Earth-One, where it splits Clark Kent and Superman into two separate beings unaware that each is the others' secret identity.

Michael said...

How in the hell did you get that DC Comics Presents issue? That was my toughest one, I thought for sure nobody would remember that story!

That's all of them. Good job, folks! I'll post my official answers later tonight.

Terence Chua said...

I used to own that issue :) Well, I still do - it's in a box somewhere. I remember when I saw it on the stands and was drawn by the idea of Superman and Clark Kent teaming up. And it was a really cool story.

As for remembering, I was racking my brains about the Machine, and thinking, "Controller, controlling... uncontrollable..." which sparked my odd kind of visual eidetic memory (which only seems to work with strange obscure trivia): a flash of a comic panel with two Controllers facing a sparking miracle machine and a caption which went "Today the Controllers find it... uncontrollable!" - a panel from the first page of that story.

And it all fell into place.