Tuesday, November 21, 2006

DiDio answers some questions

From the ComicBloc forum, DC honcho Dan DiDio took some time out to answer a bunch of questions to forum posters. Here's the first substantial Q&A:

I'd like to know why it was necessary to reboot Legion of Super-Heroes this last time after having been done so many times before. I'd like to know the thinking, or justification, of that for such a storied comic franchise and if there was concerns about alienating or upsetting long time readers.

- There are always concerns about alienating readers. The problem with Legion is that once Superboy was removed from the equation after the first Crisis, the series lost its biggest star and struggled for an identity. As things changed to help redefine the series, it kept moving away from the core concept and there was a sense of change for the sake of change. Things slightly different from their original inspiration but not radically different as to understand why it changed. We felt we wanted to go back to and restart the series rather than change it on the run. Mark came up with a concept we thought captured the spirit of the series so we gave it a restart since the incarnation at the time was flagging and close to cancellation. The bottom line is that LEGION was one of the top sellers for DC in the 80’s along with Titans and we wanted to make every effort to put it back on top.

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