Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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The official Sneak Preview is the first weekend of December. Here's one tournament in Warren Ohio, another in Kansas City, and one at Star City Game Center in Roanoke, VA.

Star City Game Center has images of the promotional playmat and t-shirt to be given to tournament participants:

I asked at these sites if the goodies are available to non-players, or if I could sign up for the tournament just to get the stuff, and they all told me that you have to be there at the tournament to get it. Check back on ebay in a couple weeks, I guess.

Man, you turn your head for one minute and there's a whole mess of stuff out there for the upcoming "Vs. System" card game. Scott over at the Legion Clubhouse got to most of it before I could.

Of course, I have no interest in the game itself, only the pretty pictures on the Legion cards, so I won't be discussing strategy or any of the non-Legion cards (like the Teen Titans or Infinite Crisis stuff), there are plenty of other places for that.

Interestingly, they appear to be using the post-Zero Hour Legion team, not the current version. Wonder if it's been in development that long.

These first few are from the Metagame.com forums:
  • Ferro Lad, Live Wire, and "We Are Legion" (on Metagame):

    Adam DeKraker

    Brian Bolland

    Kieran Yanner

  • Dream Girl:

    Stuart Sager

  • Dark Firestorm, one of Darkseid's Elite, from "Foundations":

    Phil Noto

From the VSRealms forums:

From VSParadise.com:

From the latest issue of Inquest, #140:

Kieran Tanner

Adam Archer

Richard Clark

One more via the Marvel_DC_TCG Yahoo list, it's Dark Thanagarian, another of Darkseid's Elite from "Foundations".

Kieran Yanner

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