Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vs. System CCG update

Previously: updates in July and October.

  • Information on some of the cards in the Legion deck that comes out next month for the Vs. System CCG, via the and message boards: among those getting cards are XS, the Time Trapper, Superboy, Mordru, Computo, and the Fatal Five (either as a team or individually). The stats are meaningless to me but check out the pages if you're interested in how they play. Apparently the new issue of Inquest has the info, sounds like it's out this week.

  • has a forum set up "for collection and discussion of all the DLS(?) previews from around the net!" but as of this moment, it's empty.

  • Here's a list of the known cards in numerical order.

  • This thread on VSRealms found a couple of images from former Legion cover artist Tom Feister that Tom says will be in the set: Flight Ring and Mon-el (or M'Onel, based on the costume).

    Flight Ring by *gatchatom on deviantART

    Mon-El by *gatchatom on deviantART

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