Wednesday, November 15, 2006

J. Torres, Scott Beatty to write the animated comic

Looks like I was right about a couple of things the other day - J. Torres is indeed going to be one of the writers of the upcoming series based on the animated show, and it was already common knowledge (or at least available knowledge).

After Comics Worth Reading and Crocodile Caucus commented on my conclusion that Torres was going to be a/the writer, Heidi at The BEAT confirmed it with an October 16th article in Publishers Weekly about comics and graphic novels based on animated properties (emphasis added by me):

DC publishes comics and digests that mimic the animated style of The Batman Strikes!, Teen Titans Go! and Justice League Unlimited. These titles are aimed at a general audience outside the comic book specialty shop system, but they don't rival the sales of top manga titles in bookstores. However, DC continues to pursue this audience: it just launched a Krypto comics miniseries. In addition, Legion of Superheroes, based on DC's long-running SF superhero title, has been a hit this fall on the Cartoon Network and the Kids' WB, and DC is planning an ongoing periodical comics series based on the cartoon written by J. Torres, Scott Beatty and writers from the show.

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