Monday, November 13, 2006

J. Torres to write new series?

I was all set to announce what I thought was a scoop, only to find that it was apparently some sort of common knowledge. I have a number of RSS search feeds, all looking for Legion stuff somewhere online, and one of them brought me this:


Now, I normally (OK, never) would include a Degrassi link here, but buried at the bottom of this press release on CBR is this bit about the Degrassi writer (emphasis added by me):

J. Torres is the writer of the monthly Teen Titans Go and Ninja Scroll comic books, as well as a regular contributing writer to Batman Strikes and Legion of Super Heroes for DC Comics. He is also the author of the Degrassi: Extra Credit series of graphic novels, and won the award for Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Writer in the 2006 Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Book Awards. Born in Manila and raised in Montreal, he currently resides in Toronto.

Now, since he doesn't write the regular DCU book, he must be the writer of the new series based on the animated show.

There's nothing specific on his web site, JTorresOnline, but an anonymous poster here yesterday said that this person removed signs of confirmation recently (as if to wait for the official announcement). Let's do a little sleuthing....

He also has a message board, with a single (visible) Legion forum called "Legion Headquarters" for discussion of the series. He also has a hidden forum called "LOSH Talk", with a single post saying "Hmm... Now why would this forum be here?" on Sept. 22nd. By itself that's not out of the ordinary, but in the regular message board there are forums called "TTG Talk" (Teen Titans Go!) and "TBS Talk" (The Batman Strikes), both for books he contributes to. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that he'll be writing or at least contributing to a Legion book.

I've never read any of his books, anyone have any opinions to share?


Anonymous said...

I by TTGo! to read with my son. I find the stories hit and miss. I think Adam Beechen's work on the JL/JLU book is FAARR superior to Torres.

Johanna said...

Funny, I feel just the opposite. (And I'm willing to sign my name to my opinion.) I'm thrilled to hear J will be writing the Legion; I think it's a great match!

Reed Solomon said...

I heard him promoting the degrassi thing on cbc radio monday morning. Now I may have actually listened to the interview if they mentionned the legion :)

Not that I hate degrassi, but statistically theres only so many bad things that can happen to a select gang of kids at a school.