Saturday, November 25, 2006

J. Torres comments on animated Legion book

From a posting by J. Torres on the Comicbloc forums:

I'm not the only writer on the book. I've written issues #1 and #2 so far, and I'm working on a third story that will probably end up being used for #5 or maybe #6. Anyway, I'm hoping to contribute to the series as much as my editor (and schedule) will allow! Since the Subs are supposed to show up on the cartoon at some point, I can't see why they wouldn't end up in the comic book (and I'd love to write that issue!). The thing is, I hear the cartoon is struggling in the ratings so everyone please keep watching and tell all your friends or else they might not get to the episode with the Subs in it

It's news to me that the cartoon may be struggling, I hadn't heard of that elsewhere (and I've been tracking the ratings, which I'll get to in the next couple of days).

Of course, if they ever re-run any episode besides the Timber Wolf one, maybe more people would watch (if that's a problem). They've had six new episodes and four reruns so far - three new, three reruns, three new, and one rerun into the next cycle - with three of those reruns being the Timber Wolf episode.


Bill D. said...

I almost wonder if they're trying to promote Timber Wolf as a breakout character in terms of popularity. I can see the Time-Warner suits saying "Well, he is sort of like that 'Wolverine' fellow all the kids seem so wild about."

Michael said...

If that's the case, then they should have put him in more than one episode. Of the five episodes since his debut, he starred in one, and was a regular in just one other (the Phantom Zone episode).