Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wizard World Texas '06: new series in the works

At Wizard World Texas in Dallas this weekend, Bob Wayne had this to say at the DCU panel, as quoted on Comics Continuum:

Asked if there will be a comic book based on the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, Wayne said "We have not announced doing a comic book, so when you hear about that, act really surprised."

Looks like Comics Continuum is the only one at this convention. Newsarama and CBR don't have any reports at all.

Haven't even heard any rumors about who's doing the writing or art chores on the book.


Unknown said...

I was there in Bob Wayne's panel seated right behind the Comics Continuum guys. Bob really didn't have much news for us. Last year's panel with both him and Dan Didio was a lot more satisfying.

You can check my blog entries on Wizard World at

Aron Head

Matthew E said...

On the one hand, when it comes to such a comic book, I am there like Jack the bear from Delaware.

On the other hand, it's one more thing to review.

Anonymous said...

I was at Wizard Texas, and it was really bad for any kind of comic news...the panels blew and were few and far between without much actual content. I was sick during the DC panel, but my husband filmed it for me and tried to find out any kind of Legion information. Bob Wayne was not very forthcoming.

There was no DC booth this time at all, either...the biggest booths were Spike TV and Top Cow, for god's sake. I was very disappointed at the lack of panels, news, and presentations.

What I got out of the con will go up on The Collector Times website next month. It wasn't much.

Anonymous said... actually hinted on who the LoSH animated comic writer couuld be. But looking at his site it seems he doesn't want it out in public yet since he removed any sign of confirmation.