Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fashion Inaction - and Ringo on the Legion?

Apparently it's some big costume weekend or something, maybe in honor of Halloween.

  • From Queer Legion (QL): Cos's Costume Cavalcade

  • Blockade Boy's redesign of new costumes (the Legion of Substitute Costumes) for Spider-Girl, Polecat, and Chlorophyll Kid

  • Finally, and most interestingly, it sounds as if artist Mike "Ringo" Wieringo could have been the artist on the current series instead of Barry Kitson. According to post #298 on Ringo's Daily Rambles (which accompanies a nifty image of the Grell-era Lightning Lad):
    Back when I was in discussions with DC about going over with Mark Waid to work on their planned LEGION relaunch book when Mark was removed from FANTASTIC FOUR by Bill Jemas, I went out and bought a bunch of the LEGION ARCHIVES books.
    So anyway-- here's a sketch of LIGHTING LAD in his Cockrum-designed duds. It's a hoot to draw the character-- and especially with the hair styles and mutton chops that were so prevalent in 1970's comics characters. Fun stuff.

    He goes on a bit about the reprint collections and how they're great for people who have too many comics, plus he talks about the Cockrum and Grell issues in the Archives, which inspired the sketch.

    Did anyone else know that it might have been Wieringo instead of Kitson?

    If you scroll down a bit to entry #291 (I can't figure out how to link directly to a page on his site), you'll see Mike's take on the 1970s Karate Kid as well.

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