Monday, November 13, 2006

New Superhero Clubhouse

I added the new Superhero Clubhouse over on the right to the Legion blogroll.

Welcome to the Superhero Clubhouse, a Legion of Superheroes blog! The LoSH is a 31st century superhero group comprised of idealistic teenagers from across the galaxy! I'm Qulore Dox, the daughter of Brainiac 5, and I've decided to come back to the 21st century to explore the heroic deeds of the Legion and other superheroes in order to one day join the Legion myself.

She joins the handful of Legion-centric blogs on my Legion blogroll, to go along with Get-a-Life Boy's LSH Blog, the Legion Abstract, and The Planetary Chance Machine.

There's one big Legion-centric message board (Legion World) and one that's just starting out (The Legionaire), and many of the other forum sites have a dedicated or shared Legion board as a sub-section (ComicBloc, Comicboards, DC Comics, rec.arts.comics.dc.lsh, Superman Through the Ages, Television Without Pity, Legions of Gotham).

And of course, the Legion Wiki site.

It's been a long while since I maintained the old Legion of Super-Resources page, back when the Web was just websites (from around 1996-2002 or so). Rather than rehash and update that, I'll take suggestions from the audience. What are some good Legion websites out there that are current (or at least not terribly outdated)?


Brainiac6 said...

Thanks for the welcome as well as the linkage :)

Matthew E said...

Thanks for collecting all these. When I first started my site, I had one basic motivation for it.

See, I had just come back to the Legion comic after a long time of not collecting it, and I was having a hard time getting back into the swing of continuity. (This was about ten issues into DnA's The Legion.) I scoured the internet, looking for the answer to a single question: who is on this team right now?

That's all I wanted, a current list of Legionnaires. Nowhere. I found lots of Legion-related sites, but almost all of them hadn't been updated in years.

So, when the threeboot came along, I figured that I could start a site that could answer questions like that for new readers who were in the position I was in. It'd be like a resource for people. (This was before I found out about Legion World.)

Things have improved since then. There's been quite a renaissance of Legion sites, and I hope that everyone keeps them going for a long time.

Also, you mentioned a couple that I'm going to have to link now that I know they exist...

Garth Ranzz said...

What am I? Chopped liver? ;)

Thanks for mentioning the Wiki. You guys have put a lot of hard work into it so far and its coming along great.

Michael said...

D'oh! I can't believe I put LegionWorld in there but forgot about the LegionClubhouse.

I prefer to think of you as pate', not chopped liver. :)