Saturday, November 04, 2006

Toywatch: Battle Dice cancelled

Update 11pm: added response from Matt Forbeck

You may recall earlier this year that the Battle Dice game from Playmates Toys was going to provide some Legionnaires in DC waves 3 and 4. Unfortunately, Playmates decided to cancel the game with Marvel wave 2 and no DC heroes will be released.

Here's the list of what was supposed to be waves 1-4 of the DC set. Livewire, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy were to have been in DC wave 3, while wave 4 would have had Brainiac 5.1 and Ultra Boy (plus someone namd Thunder, but no idea if that was the Legionnaire, the Teen Titan, or someone else).

No word on whether any DC heroes made it into production or not, and I don't know (yet) whether any prototypes exist.
I asked the game's designer Matt Forbeck whether any wave 3 or 4 figures might exist as production figures or even prototypes. He replied:
I’m not in the Playmates office, so I can’t say for sure. However, I don’t believe any prototypes ever got back the first wave for DC Battle Dice. There could have been a few Wave 2 figures, but I’d be surprised to learn any Wave 3 or 4 figures were sculpted. Sorry!

For more on Battle Dice, check out Matt Forbeck's site, or the Popdice fan site and its forum.

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Todd said...

Hi, This is Malakai from

I did manage to get 12 Prototypes from the very early conventions late 2005. These include an unpainted Silver Surfer, Red Skull, She Hulk, Purple unfinished painted Venom, and the Red and Yellow Dark Phoenix (This paint job was to be put on the Phoenix for Series 2)

Speaking of Series 2 they were dumped out of US sales and started appearing in Series 1 Boosters being sold in France.