Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trivia #5

More trivia, with bonus added calendar-related material...

1. A question in honor of Election Day - who would Dr. Mayavale have voted for in the 1952 US Presidential Election?

2. Another Election Day question - which Legionnaires were involved in planetary-level politics? Whose parents were?

3. In honor of the upcoming Veterans' Day/Remembrance Day, which Legionnaires were war veterans?

4. The LSV had a character named Chameleon Chief, who despite his Durlan appearance could not have been one because his power was very different than a normal Durlan's. What was his power?

5. In Adventure 300, how did Saturn Girl develop Serum XY-4, a temporary antidote for poisoning by lead radiation, to let Mon-el out of the Phantom Zone for a while?
a) She used Brainy's Potential-Factors Reorganizer Complex to soften his fate by bisecting and multiplying his urgal psytrops, which temporarily counteracted his lead poisoning.
b) With her super thought casting power, she was in telepathic contact with Mon-el while he was in the Phantom Zone. Mentally, she diagnosed the harm done to his body and figured out what chemical elements would counteract his lead poisoning.
c) She used some negative id elements complicated by F-type ancestral karmatics to zero out the mechano-tracers that sought to recondition his reflexes, which temporarily counteracted his lead poisoning.
d) She initiated the shield grid and reconfigured it to emit a deflector pulse using the auxiliary deflector array in the saucer section. Then she reconfigured the deflector dish to emit an anti-chroniton pulse, which temporarily counteracted his lead poisoning.

6. Put these pre-Zero Hour events in chronological order.
a) Brainiac 5 frames Ultra Boy for the murder of An Ryd.
b) Brainiac 5 creates the Infinite Man in a botched experiment.
c) Brainiac 5 creates a Supergirl sex robot.
d) Brainiac 5 creates Computo which goes on a rampage, killing a Legionnaire.
e) Brainiac 5 nearly destroys LSH HQ with a piece of a white dwarf star.
f) Brainiac 5 cures Danielle Foccart, but blows up the LSH HQ.
g) Brainiac 5 creates Omega which goes on a rampage, goes insane, and is indirectly responsible for blowing up the LSH HQ.

Answers in a few days.


Greg Morrow said...

1. Dr. Mayavale wore an "I Like Ike" button.

2. Gim's mother, Marte Allon, was Earthgov president for a while. Nura's mother was High Seer of Naltor.

I refuse to remember anything about v4, which had several stupid political things.

3. More v4 stuff I refuse to deal with.

4. He could change the shape of other objects, I think.

5. b.

6. d, c, b, a, g, f, e

a. S/LSH 239
b. S/LSH 233 or so.
c. early S/LSH (I remember Sherman art, so it might be later)
d. Mid-Adventure (340-341?)
e. early v3.
f. v2 Ann 1
g. S/LSH 250-251

Matthew E said...

I don't know too many of these. Stupid Silver Age. Haven't looked at anybody else's answers.

1. I have no idea what to base the answer to this question on. That election was Eisenhower versus... was it Stevenson? I'll say Stevenson.

2. Legionnaires involved in politics: Projectra was queen of Orando in two different versions. Dream Girl eventually became High Seer of Naltor. Shadow Lass was Talok's planetary champion; not sure how political a position that was. Actually, the same is true of Star Boy and Atmos. And also Chameleon Boy, I think? Blok and Element Lad were both sole planetary survivors (and Superboy I and Supergirl, and I think also Valor and Andromeda at one point), so they were sort of default planetary leaders, but that's kind of trivial. Matter-Eater Lad was a senator and consort of another ruler. Invisible Kid II and Tyroc were both presidents of Earth. Triplicate Girl is currently part of the ruling entity of her Cargg, sort of.

Legionnaires' parents: Projectra's dad was/is king of Orando. I think Dream Girl's mother (and the White Witch's mother) was High Seer of Naltor--yes? Saturn Girl's mother is currently high up in the United Planets. One of Shadow Lass's parents presumably would have had the same position she does now. Chameleon Boy's dad, R.J. Brande, has been president. This one's tricky: Celeste Rockfish/McCauley's father was president, but not in the same version in which Celeste existed, so that probably doesn't count. Apparition and Colossal Boy have both had presidential mothers. What about Shikari's parents--were they tribal leaders of the Kwai?

That's what I've got.

3. War veterans. I don't know how to answer that. All the Legionnaires have participated in big cosmic fights that are equivalent to wars, right? Or at least difficult to distinguish sometimes. I guess the distinguishing factor is whether they were official members of some kind of military force. So: Star Boy and XS and Dreamer fought on Xanthu during the Robotica thing; they were civilians but sort of 'officially attached' to the military units. Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel and Nightwind were in the invasion of Xolnar; the White Witch was there too but strictly as a Legionnaire. Cosmic Boy and Shrinking Violet were at Venado Bay and were definitely soldiers. One must assume that Firefist and Bloodclaw were veterans, although I bet Veilmist wasn't and I'm not too sure about Flederweb. Best I can do.

4. Dunno.

5. This one I do know: it's b.)

6. Guessing: d, a, c, g, b, f, e.