Thursday, April 30, 2009

Confirmed! The Legion returns to Adventure Comics

Via Geoff Johns' blog:


I can talk about it.

This week, with LEGION OF THREE WORLDS #4, I can finally talk about August’s upcoming ADVENTURE COMICS #1/#504!!

The series will feature one of my favorite characters to write and a mainstay of my run on TEEN TITANS - SUPERBOY.

You can get a look at some amazing pages from issue #1 illustrated by Francis Manipul at the DCU Blog. Francis and I have been talking about Superboy since last San Diego Comic Con and it’s nice to finally see it come to light.

But that’s not all. It can’t be, right? I mean, it’s called ADVENTURE COMICS. It’s not called SUPERBOY. That’s because the series won’t just be featuring Superboy, it’ll be co-featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes fresh from the Crisis of the 31st Century in LEGION OF THREE WORLDS. More on the details of the book, and Superboy and the Legion, will be coming out in the following weeks, but I think it’s safe to reveal that STARMAN will be the Legionnaire taking front and center stage with our first issue.

Interesting that he references issue #504, which means that they're including "Adventure Comics Presents Dial H for Hero" and the digests in the numbering. We had that discussion here a few months ago. And don't forget that this is actually Adventure Comics v3.

The DCU Blog post shows the cover to Adventure Comics #1, with the center figure now revealed to be Superboy, but with the lower left figure still obscured. Based on the cape, it's likely to be Mon-El, but who knows.


anthonyriva said...

i'm so excited Kon is back! i can't wait for this!!

moo said...

I'm curious if it's going to be a Superboy and the Legion type of book... or a book with two features, Superboy being one, and the Legion being another. Or something else altogether.
I'll take whatever I can get, but I'm not sure that the Legion works best as a co-feature. That wouldn't be a lot of pages for a team the size of Legion. But I don't really want to see them as supporting characters in Superboy's story either. I'm looking forward to hearing more details as they come out.

Michael X. MacArthur said...

In one of Omnicom's earlier posts, the figure in the bottom left was identitied as a bad guy.

Over at CBR, it sounds very much like Superboy and Bart will be residing in the 21st century. And there's all kinds of info implying that Mon-El will shortly have a relapse. With no zone, he'll probably be sent directly to the future to be cured.

Put that together is the working in this most recent announcement, and we must deduce that ADV v3 will feature Superboy in our time with a separate co-feature of the Legion (or a rotating co-feature on a single Legionnaire, starting with Starman).

Michael X. MacArthur said...

Make that "wording", not "working".

Craigopher said...

I think the jury is still out on the whole v3 discussion. If they decide to make it a #1, then yes, its the third series named Adventure comics, and the v3 designation is appropriate. (Thanks for the v2 info, I never knew about that issue). However, if the new issue is numbered #504, then this is still the v1 series. Personally, I really hope they continue with the old numbering, although I'll be happy for new Legion material regardless of the packaging.

Nikki said...


better than nothing?

Scott said...

I talked briefly to Geoff Johns at a FCBD signing yesterday in Phoenix. The Legion is the back-up in Adventure, and for the first several issues (at least) they will be spotlight stories. The characters he mentioned were Starman, Lightning Lad, and Polar Boy (which makes it pretty clear the Legion going forward is the Johns version, duh).

Spotlight back-up stories doesn't sound like much, but hopefully this will all lead up to a launch of a new Legion title next year.