Saturday, May 02, 2009

RIP: Ric Estrada

Mark Evanier is reporting the death on Friday of artist Ric Estrada.

Longtime readers will remember that Estrada was the artist on the first 11 issues (out of 15) of Karate Kid, in addition to drawing several Legion comics - Superboy and the Legion #232 (Klordny/Immune), #234 (Bounty and the Composite Legionnaire), and Legion v2 #261 (Space Circus of Death).

Here's the Estrada-pencilled splash page from S/LSH 232, one of my favorite pieces ever and one that I'd love to eventually add to my meager original art collection.


Murray said...

LSH #261 - my first issue. There was something special there that kept me coming back. Very sorry to hear of Ric Estrada's passing.


Rob S. said...

That was my first issue, as well. It grabbed me and I never looked back. Rest in peace, Ric.

Mike Blake said...

Bad news about Ric -- I loved his work in the early All-Stars that revived the JSA and intro'd Power Girl.

On that splash panel, I've always admired Saturn Girl's admonishment to "Shut up and dance!" and considered it as perhaps the best piece of advice ever to appear in a Legion story!