Monday, May 04, 2009

Trivia Quiz #35

Theme: In the news... these questions are based on things happening recently in the real world or in the latest issue of L3W.

1. With the H1N1 swine flu in the news, can you name five 30th/31st century diseases?

2. May 1st (aka May Day, aka International Workers' Day) will be Gates' favorite holiday. Name three other 30th/31st century holidays or celebrations that we've seen.

3. On May 15, Mattel will release four new action figures. Prior to this line, what is the combined number of times these four Legionnaires have been made into some sort of 3-D figure (traditional "action figures", statues, game pieces, etc.)?

4. Superboy-Prime is an example of a villain who was created outside of the Legion universe, who became significantly associated with the Legion. Name at least three other characters (hero or villain) who have also been associated with the Legion (not including any of the Superboys or Supergirls).

5. In "Legion of 3 Worlds" so far, we've lost L3 Sun Boy, L3 Element Lad, L2 Kinetix, L1 Rond Vidar, and L1 Karate Kid II. When was the last time three or more Legionnaires died in the course of a single storyline (not counting Elseworlds or alternate realities)?

6. The recent Easter holiday brings to mind Easter Eggs, such as Spider-Man and Garfield being hidden in the group shot of LSH v2 #300. Name three other Easter Eggs in Legion publishing (not counting Tuckerizations).

7. Here's a multi-parter about the Ric Estrada-drawn issues of "Karate Kid". Who was Karate Kid's sorta-girlfriend in the 20th century, where did they meet, what villain did she turn into, which 20th-century hero helped fight her, and how was she cured?


Unknown said...

Clearly my LSH trivia knowledge is lacking. Most of my answers are incomplete.

1. Yorggian fever, which froze R.J. Brande in his human form. Grandin Gender-Reversal Syndrome, which made Color Kid into Color Queen in the Subs one-shot. Plain old influenza, which took out Universo during the Dominator War. Uh... Lead poisoning?

2. Klordny, the Earth Presidential Election (more party than political event because the computers select the best candidate), and uh... Chaunakkah. (I stand by that answer. Gim Allon's got my back.)

3. Four times? (Mini-mates, the DC Direct LSH action figures, Heroclix, the PVC collector's set? There was no Saturn Girl figurine in the McDonald's Happy Meal selection. Ooh, and there was no Brainiac 5 in the LSH Heroclix collector's set.) I really don't know.

4. Ra's Al Ghul was a Legion villain at one point, I think. J'onn J'onzz survived through the millenium to team up with fat Dream Girl at the end of the Five Year Gap Legion. Bart Allen, Kid Flash, was from roughly the same 30th century time period and had team-ups with the LSH.

5. In the finale of Legion Lost, Monstress, Lightning Lad and Element Lad were all killed. (Another reason I hate that series.) Does it count if Garth was reincarnated as Element Lad's powerset?

6. In the 1980s Mindy Newell LSH backup story, "Triangle?" Kitty Pryde is drinking in the bar where Sun Boy is crusing for chicks.

7. I have no idea. I'd love to see a Karate Kid reprint book.

ted said...

4) Darkseid in great Darkness Saga and Foundations, Lobo in the Quiet Darkness, and Mon-El and Dev-Em were Superboy characters who made it into LSH lore.

7) Iris, Diamondeth, Batman (in Brave and the Bold #198)

Infinity13307 said...

I'll throw out a couple of things to supplement what's here.

1. the Pain Plague, which almost killed Projectra around Superboy 211, the Validus plague which ravaged Winath during the 5 year gap, and whatever epidemic Dawnstar and Brainiac 5 unleashed on that primitive planet they crashed on while looking for the lost Legionnaires in Tales 321-3. I don't remember if he ever figured out which it was though.

2. Founder's Day from The Legion 25. Can we count the holiday Mordru the High Lord decreed that suspended all executions in Legion vol. 4 issue 5 even if I don't remember what it was?

6. Wasn't someone resembling Charles Xaiver in the same story HZA references? Doesn't the Legion's creative team appear in the background of that 2 page spread from 300, maybe surrounding Matter-Eater-Lad eating a carrot? I think that the Martian Manhunter pops up at BB & DD's wedding, but I've never actually read that issue so he may have been a guest star. I just remember seeing the beautiful 2 page spread of the ceremony online shortly after Mr. Cockrum's death in a tribute.

7. Val and Iris Jacobs met because his time bubble was parked on the roof of her apartment building, and he crashed through her window because of a flight ring malfunction. Robin actually first assisted Val against Diamondeth in the KK series, while the Batman issue happened much later after she'd been cured. Iris was cured by that medical facility on Mercury around S&LSH 247 (one of my first issues!) after Sun Boy saves the hospital from the native lifeforms (?) threatening it.

I loved the KK series as a kid (bought all 15 issues from a mom selling her son's comics at a garage sale for $2.00), but I don't think it stands the test of time particularly well.

ted said...

4) Also the H-Dial during the reboot years.

ted said...

4. Green Lantern (Universo, Rond Vidar, Sodam Yat). In reverse, the Persuader, Mordru, Emerald Eye, and various alien races were retrofitted in the 20th century.

Anonymous said...

1) Some dieases got mentioned in the animations comics, don't forget those too! There was a rash given to Lightning Lad and the power swapping diease Infectious Lass was behind both of those. Also in the animation Infectus Lass gaves Bouncing Boy a cold.

royiskeen said...

1. the worst disease of all to afflict the 30th/31st century is the dreaded reboot. Seemingly incurable! Insanity - see Legion Lost Element Lad. Gigi Cuisimano has a bad cold in some of the latter Levitz stories.

2. Christmas, from the “Star Light, Star Bright... Farthest Star I See Tonight" story.

3. PVC set, DC Direct line, McDonalds giveaways, Metal figure set from RPG; heroclix.

4. Lana Lang (Insect Queen); J'ohn J'ohnnz; Dial H for Hero; Green Lantern; Impulse; Darkseid; Brainiac; Controllers; Mr Mxyltzpk; Bizarro; Jimmy Olsen; Ra's Al Ghul recruits whilst fighting the living dead (Mordru as the Villain); against Mask Man.

6. Dr Strange (or someone very muhc like him) in preludes to the Great Darkness saga; and many others that i can't think of right now.

7. Diamondeth was the villain she turned into, and i think KK took her into the 30th century for a cure (Brainy?)

Meerkatdon said...

1. In the Ric Estrada/Klordny story whose splash page you posted, there was a shrinking plague (I don't remember its name.) Lightning Lad had an electrical brain fever at one point. And does Infectious Lass count as a disease?

2. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Major Rogation Day? (I just wanted to include "Major Rogation Day," which has got to be the coolest-sounding holiday ever.)

3. 42?

4. Orion & Highfather; Jimmy Olsen (Elastic Lad); Lana Lang (Insect Queen); Lex Luthor; Mxyzptlk; the head of Richard Nixon. (Or was that Futurama?)

5. Bunches of people died during the Five-Year Gap, although some of them got better later.

6. As I recall, Spider-man was at a wedding: either Chuck & Luornu's or Garth & Imra's. There was a Batman comic in the 1970s or 1980s in which a Legion cruiser appeared in the sky for no apparent reason. The Earth-247 Brainiac 5 popped into an issue of Guy Gardner's comic when Guy opened his bar. And a microscopic picture of Shrinking Violet appeared on every apostrophe in every issue of DC comics published during the month of April 1998. (Okay, maybe not the last one.)

7. Her name was Iris, they met in New York during an unlikely plot contrivance, she turned into Diamondeth, Karate Kid was assisted in fighting her by...uh...Congorilla, and she was cured by an unlikely plot contrivance when her presence in the 30th century became too absurd for the writers to tolerate.

Michael said...

3. I'm looking for a number that represents the combined total of each of the four Legionnaires' figures. Saturn Girl has appeared X times, the next one Y times, the next one Z times, etc. Then add them all up.

4. OK, apparently you guys have a different definition of "significantly associated with the Legion". Mon-El was created outside the Legion but has been significantly associated with the Legion since then. Same with Dev-Em. Not "who has met the Legion". When you think of J'Onn J'Onzz, is the Legion really one of the first things you think of?

peter vandeneng said...

cos: DC direct, heroclixX2, pocket heroes, PVC =5
garth: DC direct, heroclixX2, pocket heroes, PVC, happy meal =6
imra: DC direct, heroclixX2, pocket heroes, PVC =5
brainy: DC direct, heroclix, pocket heroes, happy meal =4

none were part of the mayfair lead figure set (WANT!)

Hal Shipman said...

Garth's Electrical Brain Fever wasn't actually a disease. It turned out to just be stress.

Anonymous said...

4) Time Trapper (Time Master from WW). Ivo ( built Killer Robot of JLA descendants). Xotar, the Weapons Master appeared in the reboot.

5) Adventure #310 Mxyzptlk's descendant as Mask Man.

6)Spock in S/LSH #197
Deanna Troi in Legionnaires #35
Garfield's owner Jon Arbuckle was imprisoned by Universo on his prison planet for heroes.
Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigues)and Lando Calrissian during Universo Project part 3
Various famous robots including Twiki, Cybermen, and a Dalek appeared when Xotar attacked the robot Museum.

7)Iris Jacobs, a teacher, Met KK at her apartment building. Jealous of Val's love for Jeckie, she volunteered for a S.T.A.R. Labs experiment and became Diamondeth. KK was helped out by the original Robin, Dick Grayson, to help subdue her. After a sidetrip to Kamandi's reality, KK returned to the 30th Century during Earthwar. Iris was shortly cured by a group of doctors on Mercury, and Val returned her to her home time.

Asteroid Al said...

4. Brainiac. Not only is he the ancestor of Braniac-5, but he he became Pulsar Stargrave. said...

Two holidays that have not been mentioned yet are Parents Day (Fathers Day and Mothers Day having been combined) and Apollo Day (which commemorates the first moon landing and was mentioned by Mort Weisinger [or E. Nelson Bridwell] in response to a question about what other new holidays had been created like Parents Day).

Jim Drew said...

1. Whatever it was that froze Brande and Doyle in their human shapes. The genetic disease the ate at the Nolan brothers faces. The scarlet pox that Satan Girl released on the girl Legionnaires.

4. I think you mean "Characters who were not created to be part of the Legion world and who have significant non-Legion appearances (more than one), but now are prominently thought of as Legion related." Darkseid. Insect Queen. The grouping of Superman Family pets.

5. When a ship fell on SW6 Jeckie, Cham, and Val. An argument could be made for Zero Hour, too.

6. Jesus Christ. I mean, Lightning Lord as Jesus Christ, in the LSV/Last Supper image. The "Creation of Man" (Sistine Chapel) image in the Great Darkness Saga. Professor X and the X-Men in the reboot origin of Ferro (Doc 30 and co.)

ted said...

4) Thunder had two Power of Shazam appearances before joining the team.

Anonymous said...

1.The Validus Plague, referenced in the Five Years Later series. In issue 3 of the LSH in the 31st Century comic we have Proactian lava-pimples, a Rimborian Rhinovirus and Tiburian Ptomaine.

2. Halloween appeared in the back-up of Tales of the LSH 345 (March 87).

4. Darkseid in 'Great Darkness Saga' (which led to Darkseid's further appearances in 'Quiet Darkness in the Five Years Later run, and in the 'Foundations' storyline in The Legion). Ra's Al Ghul became pretty major in the Legion after he took over from McCauley. Lana Lang from Superboy became 'significantly associated with the Legion' as a reserve member who appeared several times with the Legion.

5. Last time I know of was the Legion Lost storyline. Coming back from the dead (as per Live Wire) requires someone to be dead to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was only four diseases, the last three courtesy of Infectious Lass. In her first appearnce she gave Star Boy the common cold and a bout of flu.

Brainy Pirate said...

#6) Has anyone mentioned the appearance of Zoidberg (Futurama) in the paddy-wagon at the beginning of the recent Action Comics arc?

Dr. Michael J. MacArthur said...

4 - Ambush Bug!

Anonymous said...

Ultra Boy appeared in Superboy before becoming a Legion member. The Scavenger played an important role in the L2 Legion, though you could hardly consider him a major Legion player. Same with Atom-villain Chronos.

Hal Shipman said...

Ultra Boy was explicitly associated with the Legion in his Superboy appearance (Superboy #98 - thanks, Archives). He was in Smallville to figure out Superboy's secret identity as his initiation test for membership.

Actually, the Prime association with the Legion seems forced to me, perhaps because it's too new for me. He still rings as general DCU who just happens to be around the LSH/LSV at the moment, thanks to his (recent) history in Infinite Crisis and the Sinestro Corps. but that's just me...

Meerkatdon said...

#4: Amethyst!

#6: I have seen (or rather, not seen) both Invisible Kids in numerous other venues: DC comics, Marvel comics, other companies' comics, photos in People magazine, commercials on TV, the margins of books....

Anonymous said...

Asteroid Al, he was later proven to be not B5's father B4. In a very confusing reveal... VERY confusing since they never mentioned part of it again. Stargrave was meant to have been also someone else... Either B1 or the Computer tyrants, I can't remember.

ted said...

L.E.G.I.O.N. established Pulsar as the Computer Tyrant. I guess that is part of the reboot continuity.

6) Tars Tarkis (from the Barsoom novels) is in the S/LSH #200 wedding scene.

Mike Blake said...

Garth's Electrical Brain Fever wasn't actually a disease. It turned out to just be stress.

I want to throw in a mention of "space sickness" that made Dirk even more of a jerk than normal. But that's really just stress, also, not a disease.