Thursday, May 21, 2009

New action figures are here!

Nice delivery times for Mattel. I ordered the new Legion 4-pack from the web site on the afternoon of May 15th, and it was waiting for me on my front porch when I got home on the 20th.

So here's what you get for your $38 and change: four action figures based on the Superman: The Animated Series ("New Kids in Town") and Justice League Unlimited ("Far From Home") episodes. Click to embiggen.

For grins, I put one up against one of each of the other series of figures to see how they stacked up in size. From left to right: the Super-Hero Clubhouse PVC figures, the DC Direct Lightning Lad, the Super Powers Tyr, the new JLU Lightning Lad, the Mon-El/Lightning Lad Pocket Super-Heroes, and in front, the Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, and Live Wire Heroclix and the Wildfire pewter figure from Mayfair. (Size-wise, the PVC figures fall between Tyr and JLU Lightning Lad).


Mike A. said...

I got mine on the 20th as well. I really dig the Cosmic Boy!

Vinnie Bartilucci said...

I still maintain the first little mini-statues were the coolest. Not because they came in a box that looked like the original Clubhouse, but because they were replicas of the mini-statues that gave the Composite Superman his powers. That's obscurity used for niceness and not evil.

Hal Shipman said...

Actually, that's not accurate about the first mini-statues. All of the figures used by the Composite Superman had their right arms raised. Also, Gim was normal-sized and standing like all the others. You can see the scene here:

However, you make the DC Direct Legion figures strike almost identical poses (though the scale is off from the original three to the rest).

Jim Drew said...

The Clubhouse statues *were* based on Legionnaire statues from the comics, just not on the Composite Superman ones. Superboy had Legion statues in his basement hideaway which glowed when the legion needed him, and these are posed to match those. (I think; I've only verified that for about half the Clubhouse statues. They could have made up some of the poses.)