Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Retweeting Geoff Johns

Geoff Johns (@GeoffJohns0), on Twitter:

With @JamesdRobinson at a Mexican Bar plotting Legion stuff. No food, just drink and Tellus.
7:55 PM May 12th from Twitterrific


Nikki said...

plotting out a tellus story while slowing getting drunk, thats the way to do it!

J.D. Long said...

Well, at least with Tellus, you don't have to worry about getting the lime squirted in your eye.

And that would mean, I guess, that Tellus makes it out of LO3W alive then.

What we need here is an open post on guesses for which Legionnaires will make it out alive. Best guess wins the hearty handshake of success.

peter vandeneng said...

YIKES! drinking and scripting! isn't that how we got fortress lad and dr. mayavale? and gazelle?