Sunday, March 05, 2006

Added to the IMDB

I submitted the new Legion series to the IMDB, and fixed the JLU episode which had a big error. Who knows when (or if) they'll get added. Here's what I put in, which is as much as I know (with some speculative guesses).

Update summary

  • "Legion of Super-Heroes" (2006)

    • New Title - Add

      Plain Title: Legion of Super-Heroes
      Type: tv
      Sub-Type: series
      Status: incomplete
      Year: 2006-????
      Source: ...none of the above

    • Production Status - Add

      Status: Filming
      Update: 5 March 2006

    • Miscellaneous Link - Add

      Type: MSC
      Desc: Information presented at 2006 Cartoon Network "upfronts"

    • Release Dates - Add

      Country: USA
      Date: 2006

    • Country of Origin - Add


    • Languages - Add


    • Color / Black & White - Add


    • Genres - Add


    • Directors - Add

      Name: Tucker, James (IV)

    • Production Companies - Add

      Company: Kids' WB [us]

    • Cast - Add

      Name: Milder, Andy
      Character: Lightning Lad
      Attribute: (voice)

    • Writers - New Name (this section)

      Name: Tucker, James (IV)

    • Writers - Add

      Name: Tucker, James (IV)

    • Producers - Add

      Name: Tucker, James (IV)
      Occupation: producer

    • Alternate Titles - Add

      Aka: "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes" (2006)
      Country: (USA)
      Attribute: (working title)

They also mixed up the cast and titles for the Legion's JLU episode, which at this writing has "Ancient History" as the Legion's episode instead of the next one.

Update summary

    "Justice League" (2001) {Ancient History (#5.11)}

    • Release Dates - Add

      Country: USA
      Date: 18 March 2006

    • Miscellaneous Corrections - Add

      Type: Titles (new/changed)
      Text: The title of this episode "Ancient History" and the next episode "Far From Home" are reversed. The cast with Brainiac 5, Bouncing Boy, etc. are in the "Far From Home" episode, which comes before "Ancient History" chronologically by air date.

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