Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Action figure update

The WWLA post-con report by SDComics at the Action Figure Insider message boards confirms what Mattel employee "Boy Wonder" said, as mentioned here earlier:

It's too soon to say if Mattel will be making toys based on the upcoming Wonder Woman and Flash movies, but Boy Wonder did confirm that yes, Mattel will indeed make action figures based on the new Legion of Super-Heroes cartoon. They haven't started yet, but the designers are excited.

I'm still not convinced that this is a reference to the upcoming series, rather than the "new" JLU episode. Later in the discussion, SDComics says that Mattel wants to make figures for every character that appeared in the JLU series that it has a license to, but on the other hand, the theoretical Wonder Woman and Flash movies are separate from JLU or Superman Returns.

On Mattel being restricted to only the Superman/Batman family of characters:
To quote Boy Wonder "The sky's the limit". As long as the characters are part of the Superman and Batman families, Mattel can make comic accurate versions of them. And again, they're not restricted to just the modern age. If Mattel wanted to do, say, an Earth 2 Huntress or a Golden Age Batman, they can.

Since the Legion is a spinoff of Superboy, it's not out of the realm of possibility we could see some more comic-inspired Legion figures too from Mattel like the Silver Age figures from DC Direct. Bikini Saturn Girl, anyone?

(via Scott at LegionClubhouse)

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