Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Animated Legion news 18: Superboy

Two new names to be added to the Legion series roster: Yuri Lowenthal and Eric Canete.

Another day, another voice reported by Comics Continuum... today's announcement: Yuri Lowenthal (IMDB, official site) as Clark Kent/Superboy. Lowenthal has done a number of voiceover roles in animation and video games.

Superboy is the central character in the series, and his development as a hero is a key theme. He will wear the traditional Superman costume.

In other Legion news reported by the Continuum, Eric Canete (IMDB, blog) is a background artist for the show. Canete has been a storyboard artist for The Batman, Teen Titans, Men In Black, Godzilla, Starship Troopers, and Aeon Flux. In the comics world, he is also known for his WildStorm series Cybernary 2.0 and has worked on Majestic, MEK, and Deathlok. A couple of interviews from 2001 (Cybernary) and 2002 (MEK). Recently, he's been seen as the cover artist for Marvel's New Universe Justice one-shot and DC's DCU Villains Secret Files.

The Continuum also reports that an official announcement about the show should come this spring, as opposed to all of the numerous unofficial announcements we've been reading and hearing about for the last few months.

Canete joins James Tucker and Norm Ryang on the production side of the house. Lowenthal joins a group whose voices include Brainiac 5, Lightning Lad, Emerald Empress, and Timber Wolf.

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