Saturday, March 18, 2006

Where do we get those wonderful toys?

Scott at LegionWorlds has found a mention in some ToyFair 2006 news of an upcoming release of DC Battle Dice from Playmates Toys (to go along with their Marvel Battle Dice) that is planned to include some Legionnaires in waves 3 and 4. Here's a description of how to play (it sounds way too complext to recap here). Photos of the wave 1 and 2 figures and accessories can be seen here, and the last two photos on the page show placards of the lineup for wave 3 (including Livewire, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy) and wave 4 (including Brainiac 5.1 and Ultra Boy). The lineups, code names, and sculpts could change, however, since the game designer Matt Forbeck said

I don’t believe anything’s set in stone for those yet. I haven’t begun work on those sets, for instance.

Also, another LegionWorlds poster discovered a post on the Action Figure Insider message boards in which the poster (toyfreak) recounts a conversation he had at Wizard World LA '06 with a fellow forum poster (Boy Wonder) who works for Mattel and who is involved somehow with the design of the DC line of figures:
and they are working on a legion of superheroes line for the cartoon

Based on the context, it sounds like these would be figures based on the "Far From Home" episode of Justice League Unlimited, not from the upcoming series.

I learned a month ago but forgot to mention that two Legion characters will be represented in the upcoming HeroClix "Giants" lineup: Colossal Boy (in current "Micro Lad" costume) and Validus. (Thanks to Angus MacLennan for that tip!)

My Legion Action Figure page is open 24/7 for those interested in filling out their wish lists.

Add to those the planned Vs. System CCG set (Fall 2006), the Shadow Lass and Emerald Empress Heroclix, already out, and the inevitable toys based on the new show (from Taco Bell to Frosted Flakes, I'm sure), I'll have to add another shelf in my comics room Legion collectibles collection.

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