Friday, March 10, 2006

Animated stuff

Just a few animated-related items to point out:

  • The Wikipedia entry for Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes was posted today by Dr. R.K.Z and linked this blog at the bottom. Thanks Doc!
  • "Far From Home" debuts in the US next week. Of course, since it aired in the UK a month ago, you can download it already. Here's a link to a torrent file for it.
  • Discussion on Newsarama on this thread, and also this thread, in which one poster named SaturnKnight reveals that he saw the concept sketches last summer (and has been keeping quiet about it since then) and says that
    Bouncing Boy looked cool as hell. No, really--I'm serious. After this cartoon comes out, you will actually be able to say the words "Bouncing Boy" and "cool" in the same sentence.

  • Several different threads talking about the show on ToonZone, here and here.
  • Discussion even on the TrekBBS board.
  • Pedro Garcia's Designing the Legion post at Adlo! Novelti Librari discusses Ovi Nedelcu's designs - in Spanish.

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