Wednesday, March 29, 2006

April 15th isn't always bad

Yeah, it's tax day, but April 15, 2006 is also Legion of Super-Heroes Day (not to be confused with Klordny week). That's when the long-awaited episode of Justice League Unlimited is scheduled to be aired on Cartoon Network (at least, that's the day Comics Continuum says it'll be on - blame them if it's not!). Who knows if we'll actually see it then or not. Heck, we may see the Legion's series with Superboy before we see this episode with Supergirl!

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Bill said...

Cartoon Network is really getting on my nerves with this whole JLU thing. I mean, if I were a network that was actively trying to dump a show, I'd show all the remaining episodes as quickly as possible - maybe even at a clip of 2 or 3 a week - in order to get 'em over with faster. But I guess it's my lack of "malicious bastard" genes that keep me from being a cable TV exec.