Saturday, March 18, 2006

Wizard World LA '06: Day 1

From CBR, the "DCU Nation" panel had only one Legion-related item. In the Q&A session following the prepared statements was this:

Mark Waid wants to bring back Bouncing Boy to the Legion, but his artist and everyone else seems to be against him.

I'd think that once the Legion cartoon starts up in the fall, there will be a stronger push to get him back in the Legion book, as fans of the show start checking out the source material.

Update 3/18: While looking for something else, I found a link to the Waid/Levitz panel at the Baltimore Comic Con in September 2004, prior to the intro of the new Legion. Apparently Chuck has been an issue for a while:
Bouncing Boy is a point of contention between Waid (who wants him on the team) and Kitson (who is resisting). "I think a big fat 250 lb. guy hurtling at you at a hundred miles an hour is a damn cool super-power," Waid said to applause.

Back to the present, the ComiX-Fan forum has another report from WWLA06 with this info:
  • After Supergirl joins the Legion of Super-Heroes, Mark Waid hinted that there would be some familair faces joining the team.
  • The Legion Letters page is Mark Waid's favorite part of the book. It was joked that Mark Waid was actually writing all the letters himself.

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