Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wizard World LA '06: Day 2

Via CBR, Wizard World's DCU: One Great Year panel had some interesting hints about the upcoming Supergirl and the Legion series:

While “Superman/Batman” may be undergoing some creative team changes, “Legion of Superheroes” is undergoing a title change.

“Legion” writer Mark Waid said that, as of this month’s issue, the book will be re-dubbed “Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes.” How she arrived in the 31st Century and what her relationship is to the character in the “Supergirl” series is something yet to be revealed.

“1,001 years later she shows up and the mystery is ‘Well if you’re Supergirl, who’s that back in your other series that Greg Rucka is writing back in the 21st Century?’” Waid said. “It’s like King Arthur suddenly showing up in our time or Robin Hood or something. To these people (the Legion), she’s a legend. These people in the 31st Century are not even sure if she existed or not or if she was just a creature of myth or something. When she shows up, she’s going to have a huge bombshell surprise at the end of that issue. That is going to fuel the next few issues, it turns out the mystery is not just about her, it’s about the whole 31st Century.”

Newsarama's coverage just sums up the final statement:
Mark Waid said the mystery surrounding how Supergirl winds up in the 31st Century in Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes isn’t just a mystery about her, but it’s a mystery about the entire 31st Century itself.

However, it also has a few items from the Q&A at the end:
  • M’onel [or Mon-el] in Legion? Waid: “Soon? No. Eventually? Yes.”
  • Waid’s favorite character to write – “Brainiac 5.”
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    Brian Cronin said...

    Here's my question? What does Mark Waid have to do to convince those sprocking editors to let him use Bouncing Boy!!

    I need a Bouncing Boy in the Legion!!!!