Sunday, October 29, 2006

Season 2 rumors and "Phantoms" preview

A couple of days ago, writer Matt Wayne said

"...while Legion hasn't been greenlit for a second season, Warner is getting a group of writers together to talk about it just in case. Including me."

Today's Comics Continuum contains this:
...a source indicated to The Continuum that a second season for the series is "a good possibility." If a second season happens, Darkseid might be a major villain.

LegionWorld wonders if that happens, what will it mean to the proposed "Great Darkness Saga" DVD adaptation?

The Continuum also has some preview images from next week's new episode, "Phantoms". Unexpectedly (by me, at least), it's not Mon-el (or even Dev-em). LegionWorld has a copy of the promo commercial, and apparently the guy's name is Drax.

Remember, next week is the start of three new episodes.

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Hoegee said...

No Darkseid in season 2. Sorry to spoil your speculation fun.