Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sun Girl speculation

Chameleon1609 at the DC Comics message board has an interesting theory that I hadn't heard about or considered yet:

Hi guys, thought i would post a thread about the Villaness in Titans East,if its been done , sorry. Her name is Deborah Morgna, a decendant of Dirk perhaps, my original thought was that she was Inferno, but her name was Sandy Anderson so....

If Sun Girl of Titans East really is the character most recently known as Inferno, it could explain her "Morgna" name (though Inferno was known as Sandy Anderson) and Sun Boy/Sun Girl/Inferno costume similarities, and as far as we know she's still in the 21st century. I don't recall what her last appearance was, but it's also not inconceivable that this is the post-Infinite Crisis rebooted version of the post-Zero Hour reboot character Inferno.


Matthew E said...

That makes some sense. Man, though, did the threeboot ever mess up some continuity. What about Valor and Phase in L.E.G.I.O.N.? How does that work now? What about all the memories, say, Bart Allen has of the Legion? What about XS? Never mind all this Star Boy nonsense with Starman.

Michael said...

Bart Allen is from the post-Zero Hour 30th century, he doesn't just have memories of the Legion.

According to a Geoff Johns interview in Newsarama, Sun Girl is described as "a brand new character who, in a very strange way, is a pre-cursor to a character from the far future." I have no idea what the "very strange way" is.

That same interview describes the upcoming JSA Starman as "very different than the other members". His costume is inspired by the Kingdom Come and Starman series versions, which were inspired by the v3 starfield costume. It remains to be seen what (if any) connection he has with the Legion's Star Boy.