Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adventure Comics #247 for cheap on eBay

Someone's selling an original copy of Adventure 247 on eBay. The description says it's complete minus the cover. At the moment it's only $20.50 (auction ends Sept. 5th).


Duke Harrington said...

Odd. I notice in the indicia it listsd Whitney Ellsworth as editor and not Unca Mort.

Michael said...

According to some knowledgeable people on the Grand Comics Database list, Ellsworth by that time had gone to the West Coast to work with DC's properties in Hollywood (like the Superman TV show) and was out of the editorial department for the comics. But due to his history with DC, he was essentially an "editor emeritus" or "honorary editor" even though Weisinger handled all of the normal editorial duties.

Terence Chua said...

Wonder what are the chances of being able to get just the cover of Adventure #247 someday. That'd influence whether or not I'd try to make a grab for this.

Michael said...

Terence - probably nil for the cover itself, but it's relatively easy to find a scanned copy of the issue, then make a color printing of the scans.

Your best bet would be to try to buy this one and then later find a copy missing some interior pages but with the cover.

(That's similar to what I did - my first copy was missing the centerfold, so I bought another copy that had that but was missing the cover and first outer wrap. Now I've got one complete copy and one that's missing several pages.)