Friday, August 29, 2008

Smallville mini-update

Not a whole lot to report on the Smallville episode yet, just a few bits of information floating around, like a confirmation on which Legionnaires will appear (like it was really a surprise)...

"Watch with Kristin" at E! Online:

...Last but not least, [Darren] Swimmer [one of the series' four new exec producers] confirmed an appearance by the Legion of Superheroes ... Regarding the Legion: "It's three superheroes, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad — although we might not use those names — on a mission from Superman in the future, who sends them back to help make things right."

From the WBNX Blog (Cleveland's The CW station):
...With Smallville sticking close to the original story, don’t be surprised if the visitors are Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, who founded the expansive group after saving a billionaire from assassination. Geoff Johns, a renowned writer for Legion of Super-Heroes comics, will pen the CW episode slated to air in November. The best-selling Legion series not only launched the long-form story at DC, but also introduced one of the comics’ greatest villains, Darkseid, with Cleveland’s own Jerry Siegel helping to create many of the early sagas. Coincidentally, Laura Vandervoort (Kara / Supergirl) is scheduled to appear in one Smallville episode this fall, and it’s possible she could be recruited into the futuristic squad.

I didn't know that the Legion introduced Darkseid. But it's an interesting suggestion about Supergirl.


Patrick C said...

Think they'd do a little fact checking. We all know that nobody but The King could have come up with Darkseid!

He was the best thing to come out of Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen! (That sounds wrong).

Terence Chua said...

A little known tidbit is that an unpublished story revealed that if you cracked open Darkseid's chest, it was full of tapes labeled "HATE SUPERBOY" "HATE LEGION" and "HATE HATE HATE".

Hishgraphics said...

Even if they don't use the Legion codenames (they don't really fit the universe anyway) I hope they don't do away with Garth Ranzz, Imra Ardeen and Wil Wheaton - er, I mean Rokk Krinn.