Monday, August 04, 2008

Trivia Quiz #26

Theme: In honor of the Time Trapper's appearance in "Legion of Three Worlds" starting this month, here's your Trapper Keeper trivia.

1. Why did Cosmic Boy become the Time Trapper at the end of v4?

2. At the very end of Zero Hour, we saw the Time Trapper. There was a lot of speculation that it was a certain character under those robes, but we never found out for certain. Who was it that was speculated to be the Time Trapper?

3. Who ate Time Trapper's rocket ship?

4. In the v3 "Conspiracy" storyline, what reason did each of the conspirators have for going after the Time Trapper?

5. How "far" could the Legionnaires travel before being blocked by the Iron Curtain of Time?

6. What happened when Darkseid met the Time Trapper?

7. Prior to "Legion of 3 Worlds", what happened the last time the Time Trapper met the Legion (or individual Legionnaires)?


Bill D. said...

2. I've heard Glorith, Saturn Girl, and even Lori Mourning (which would've been very, very interesting).

Asteroid Al said...

3. Who ate Time Trapper's rocket ship?
Need you ask? Matter-Eater-Baby.

Anonymous said...

3. goes without saying since there is only one person its ever likely to be...

Michael said...

Al/Anon: if it were that simple, would I have asked the question? (except for my April Fool's Day quiz)

Bill: there are at least two more names I'm looking for.

Tom said...

2. Kara Zor-el, or Rokk Krinn with a wig.

4. Crush on superboy, angry about failed discoveries, friend to superboy, and generic reason that never really made complete sense.

6. First time, he ate all TT's power, but that was later retconned to a renegade Controller.

ted said...

1. He was trying to protect his fellow legionnaires retroactively throughout Legion history, as well as escape from a library/prison.

Hal Shipman said...

2. Speculation at the time was that it was the Barbara Gordon Batgirl from Zero Hour as we saw some long hair falling out from the hood in the last scene. Not that it made any sense, but...

Duke Harrington said...

1. shock value

2. Gosh, I really don't remember. At the end of Zero Hour - Mon-El perhaps? Hawk? Wait, Captain Atom!!

3. I would have said Matter-Eater Baby, too. Wait, don't roc's eat metal?

4. They all wanted his McGuffin?

5. East Berlin.

6. They joined up with Mordru and went on the road with a softshoe vauldville routine.

7. Goesh, I can't remember TT's last appearance. Was that when he was supposed to be XS?

Jake said...

3) I think the complete list is baby versions of Element Lad, Matter-Eater Lad, Saturn Girl, Ultra Boy, Star Boy, Chameleon Boy, Light Lass and Invisible Kid.

5) Thirty Days

7) I think it was as a flashback, giving the H-Dial to to Lori Morning. That or when he asked Post-ZH Cosmic Boy what he'd like as a reward for fixing time. Cosmic Boy selected blasting him with magnetic waves of force.

Because y'know, candy is an element!

Reboot said...

1. He got locked in the Infinite Library for an Infinite amount of time, read a lot of books as you would, and decided to fix Everything That Went Wrong Ever.

2. Glorith

7. He had a big falling out with Cosmic Boy, aged him to dust; but Cos then found himself back on the Legion's ship, a bit scared because of his rashness

Anonymous said...

Should have asked to identify what his most embarassing moment was--being taken down by Gleek the Space Monkey's tail in an issue of Superfriends!

1)To escape being trapped in the Library of time.

2)Glorith, Lori Morning, Dream Girl

3)Legion babies after Element Tot changed it to candy.

4)Basically to avenge Kal-El

5)30 days

6)Drained the Controller incarnation into a babbling wreck.

7)Claimed XS had a "cosmic" destiny to fulfill.

Michael said...

1. I totally didn't understand the whole Library of Time thing. Why would becoming the Time Trapper make things better, knowing what a pain in the ass TT was in the past?

2. Still looking for one more name for who might have been the Time Trapper.

3. Jake knows exactly what I'm talking about.

6. Tom, you've got the right idea, but things happened in a different order.

7. Was it the Cosmic Boy thing or the XS thing? Or another thing?

Jim Drew said...

1. It's tempting to say "Why not?"

2. I think the added name you are looking for is Harbinger, although when looking for people with long hair, I liked Aquaman as an answer.

5. Theory about the 30-day blockage: it prevented the Legion from going forward into next month's story

6. Darkseid and the Time Trapper played chess, or the equivalent. Legionnaires 3 mini-series.

7. When you're talking about time travel, please define "last time". But, he/she/it sent the new-to-reboot Legionnaires through Hypertime to visit other versions of the Legion (Disco Swimsuit and TMK, in particular).