Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brainiac & the Legion schedule

Via Douglas Eide, here's the release schedule for the "Brainiac & The Legion" storyline coming up in a couple months. With the last issue in late April, that sets the stage for the new Legion v6 #1 to appear in May. (April solicitations and covers here).

Prologue:  Adventure #8 3/3
1. Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #1 3/10
2. Supergirl #51 3/17
3. Superman #698 3/24
4. Adventure #9 3/31
5. Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #2 4/7
6. Adventure #10 4/14
7. Supergirl #52 4/21
8. Superman #699 4/28
Epilogue: Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton #3 4/28


Ricardo said...

This is something that is not exactly true. Levitz said in his interview that v6 starts right after "Superman & The Legion of Super-Heroes", and BEFORE Legion of 3 Worlds.
Which makes this story actually out of v6 altogether. I'd say this is kind of a separate storyline that will fit somewhere down the line.

Michael said...

At the IO9 interview, Levitz says "We're picking up the story after some gap after my last issue and what we saw in Geoff's work in Legion of Three Worlds and 'Superman And The Legion of Super-Heroes.'... My first story picks up more from the end of 'Superman and The Legion of Super-Heroes' than Legion of Three Worlds, in the sense that you get [alien-hating supervillain-turned-faux-superhero] Earth Man back."

That says to me that while it does follow L3W, it's not really about the aftermath of that story, but rather it picks up the storyline threads from the Superman story.

Paul Newell said...

Doesn't it mention somewhere in the interview that the Legion: Secret Origins arc in Adventure starts in May and V6 in June?

And I wonder what's happening with the Adventure Annual now?

Michael said...

Nope, at IO9 Levitz says "May for Legion of Super-Heroes and June for the series in Adventure Comics."

Good question on the Annual, though. In a CBR interview back in October, he said "They're going to use a couple of issues of "Adventure" to wrap up the Legionnaires of the 20th Century plotlines that have been running in "Superman," which I think makes a lot of sense, because it will make my head hurt less. And I suggested the annual as a way to bridge in. We never had an "Adventure Comics" annual, so it gives us kind of a cool #1 moment to launch with and then we can dive in full strength. "