Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Animated LSH news 32: Cosmic Boy

Wil Wheaton wrote today that he got the role of Cosmic Boy, a recurring (not regular) character on the Legion series.

I got an okay from a highly-placed source to at least reveal that I am playing the part of Cosmic Boy, one of the founders of the Legion.

Finding Cosmic Boy's voice was fun: my instinct said that I should stand for him (he's sort of an arms-across-the-chest kind of guy) but with my damn hip hurting, I ended up sitting . . . big mistake. I struggled for the first act, until I could get the engineer to reset my mic so I could stand up. It's amazing what a huge difference a little thing like sitting vs. standing makes; it's the difference between playing outfield with or without a glove, or running with shoes that don't quite fit.

Standing up and settling into him let me bring Cosmic Boy to life, and really find his point of view about himself and his relationship with the other Legionaries. Once I knew who he was, and once he lived in me, I was able to do some really cool stuff.

I wish I could show or discuss the character models I saw while I was there, but I think that's a one-way ticket to unemployment . . . but they are really, really cool. I'm back again on Friday, and if Warner Brothers doesn't give me the cockpunch for what I've written here today, maybe I can get some permission to release a few more details.

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Benjamin Ang said...

Good job with the voice. I've watched the Legion show with my kids, and it' s amazing how much it captures the spirit of the original comics. They even let Ferro Lad die in the Sun Eater - Fatal Five episode, on Saturday morning TV! But I realise that kids nowadays are much more exposed to the realities of life.