Friday, May 05, 2006

Star Boy in Infinite Crisis 7?

I was reading a review of Infinite Crisis 7 the other day and it mentioned the heroes 2-page spread at the end, with a number of mysterious characters (who's that new Batgirl?), people who were going to be highlighted in 52, and other stars.

So I idly took a look again, since I didn't notice it the first time, and wouldn't you know it, there's Star Boy in the lower left corner, in his Kingdom Come outfit of all black with stars, and white gloves and boots, with his face hidden. This is also the same outfit seen at the end of the Starman series. A coincidence that James Robinson is rumored to be doing something this year with Starman?

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Ragnell said...

I hope so, and hope he's based in Opal City (The Place for the Timelost) and bantering with Old Man Shade One Year Later.