Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Barry Kitson interview

Daniel over at Adelaide Comics and Books has a new interview with Legion artist Barry Kitson.

DB: How familiar are you with the whole history of the Legion? It’s so rich with artists and writers.

BK: I’d certainly not claim to be any sort of authority on it, like Mark. Mark could name which number of a Legion comic it is from the adverts on the back.

DB: That’s scary. [laughter]

BK: Yeah, it is rather scary. Where I can’t claim to be able to do that, I can honestly claim that I was reading legion when I was in primary school. It’s perhaps not something one should admit, but when I was in primary school I used carbon paper and from the Curt Swan drawings I made little Legion characters that I cut out and did little flaps on the bottom that made them stand up and I’d happily amuse myself playing out my own little Legion adventures. Strangely enough at a convention last year in England somebody did come up to me and say they did exactly the same thing.

Poke around on the site for a bit, he's got a lot of other interesting interviews there as well. Plus, if you're in South Australia and looking for a good comic shop, there you go!

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