Thursday, May 04, 2006

Crisis Counseling/Remember the 52

It can't be a coincidence that the Dominators in this month's Legion comic have this to say:

It is only natural that we return our attention to that world. Existence is a loop. Time is a circle. And hate is eternal. Remember the fifffffdee-tu.

"Remember the 52"? Anything to do with, say, a weekly comic DC is coming out with over the next year?

And speaking of 52 and its lead-in, Infinite Crisis, the final "Crisis Counseling" with Dan DiDio over at Newsarama has these items of interest:
Q: The end of Infinite Crisis #6 showed us that a "New Earth" was created after the destruction of Alex Luthor's Tower; and it's assumed this "New Earth" will have some subtle changes to the DC Universe we've known.

My question is - will there be characters left who remember DC history as it was before "New Earth"? For instance, will Power Girl continue to know that she is Earth 2 Superman's cousin and a survivor of the original 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths?

DD: Everyone will remember everything, how and if they chose to address it will be part of that character’s future story. There are no gaps in anyone’s memory, except one.

Too bad nobody followed up on the "except one" comment. So according to this, there are those who will remember meeting up with the pre-Crisis Legion before and during the original Crisis, with the post-Zero Hour Legion during Genesis and Final Night
Q: On "new Earth" will Clark Kent have been Superboy?

DD: Hmmmmmmmmm.....

Too bad we couldn't have arrived at this conclusion at the end of the first Crisis. We wouldn't have needed a pocket universe or anything.
Q: Post Crisis...So Hypertime doesn’t exist anymore?
DD: One world, with a new past and future. Everything essential has been blended together and is acknowledged as we move through a single continuity. Why would we need Hypertime?

We already know that the current Legion is the future of "New Earth". If it's not essential, it hasn't been blended together. Where does that leave the old adventures of Superboy and the Legion?
Q: Will the issue of how Supergirl got to the 31st century be touched upon in 52?

DD: It will be touched upon in 52, but primarily revealed in SUPERGIRL and SUPERGIRL AND THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.

That's not a shocker.
Q: You made some teasing comments about Linda Danvers in the last Crisis Counseling session... care to clarify? Was she ever the Supergirl we remember?

DD: The matrix is one of the beats retconned out of existence by the Continuity Wave.

So if she's gone, what about everyone who remembered her? What about the Pocket Universe thing?
Q: Will George Perez do some issues of Legion of Super-Heroes?

DD: George is busy on BRAVE AND BOLD right now, but I was just with him in Toronto and he was commenting on how LEGION was the one of the few team books he has never drawn.

See my earlier post for more of Perez's comments.

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Anonymous said...

I asked the memory question in Newsarama's "Crisis Counseling" session. I too hoped for a little more clarification, but I imagine that the one exception is going to be Aquaman. Wizard Magazine's set of multiple choice Infinite Crisis questions included a question about a character losing his memory; and Aquaman was listed as a choice. As we've seen in the new One Year Later "Sword of Aquaman" series, it is clear that the original Aquaman no longer remembers who he was (including his involvement in Infinite Crisis). I assume the explanation for Aquaman's memory loss will be found somewhere during the 52 series.