Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fashion in Action

Another in an ongoing look at fashions in the Legion's past. Sort of a "Go Fug Yourself" for the 31st Century (though I can't match Heather's and Jessica's inimitable style, so I won't even try).

  • Here's Johanna "Comics Worth Reading" Draper "Wife of former LSH editor KC" Carlson, oh-so-pink and pretty as Shrinking Violet in, as she put it, her cosplaying days. No, I'm not sure why she chose to bring it up. Here are some other Legion fans in costume circa 1997-98. Back then they just dressed in costumes, now it's got a whole other connotation when you call it "cosplay".

  • Kalinara's Pretty, Fizzy Paradise entry focuses on Cosmic Boy.
    I don't actually tend to date Legion comics based on whether they're post crisis, post zero-hour, pre-crisis et cetera. I date them solely on one criteria: Cosmic Boy's hideous outfits. But in this version, he's actually dressed half-way sane! Which saddens me. So as a tribute to a bygone age, I present a collection of Cosmic Boy's horrible, horrible costumes.

  • Finally, Typo Lad realized that in mocking Colossal Boy's 1970's red and blue costume, he forgot to mock the old green and yellow one. But he takes the opportunity now: "Was there a bet to make a really lame costume?"

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Anonymous said...

I liked Colossal Boy's costumes! The green and yellow one was cool for the 1960's, and the red and blue was quite adequate!