Monday, May 01, 2006

Return of Lar Gand?

News from the Toronto Comic Con this past weekend, according to a poster in the ComicBloc forum:

not sure if this is common knowlege yet, but at the Toronto Comicon this weekend, Dan Didio at the DC Nation panel asked someone which character they'd most like to see.

the person responded "mon'el" to which Dan answered...we'll see him but probably not in the legion book.

do you think they're going to resurrect Valor?

Update: Scott at LegionWorld has a report from the "someone" mentioned above, Matthew from LegionAbstract. Also see his LegionClubhouse article.


Anonymous said...

With Superboy belonging to the Siegel's, the path is open for the return of a character who was made to replace Superboy in the first place.

My guess: he's Supernova.

Anonymous said...

Michael, the person who asked about Mon-El was actually one of the Legion World regulars. You might want to check out his version of the conversation.;f=1;t=004206

Just a little bit different but it comes to the same point. Possibly Mon-El appearing in a non-Legion DCU book.