Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Animated roundup

Boy, you stop blogging for a few days and those internets just keep on rolling. Here are some things you might have missed related to the animated show (and while you're reading, remember that I'm trying to give away a genuine copy of Adventure Comics #247):

  • Denimdamsel is excited not about the show itself but what logically follows these days:
    This means there are going to be little LSH fans running about playgrounds all over the nation! This means that I will most likely be able to buy a Brainiac 5 lunch-box, and all the over-priced action figures an obsessed fan-girl could ever dream of! Oh joy of joys! Saturday mornings just won me back. Sleep? Sprock sleep, I say; there is Legion to be had once again! Let the world rejoice and be glad in it! Forsooth!...um. Yeah I think that's enough.

    No word yet on those action figures and lunchboxes, but I've been keeping an eye on things looking for it all. I'll report in when there's something to report.

  • Antonio Sugizo chimes in after seeing the first three episodes:
    ...As much as I wanted to hate the stuff, I have to admit it's perfectly okay in terms of cartoons produced for the 6 to 11 crowd. Still hate that ugly character design they came with for Brin and Brainy, though (Ugh.. that Transformers thing in the first episode was just awful...).

  • Comics Continuum's Rob Alstetter reviews the show in his Detroit News blog. There's really nothing new there, it's a compilation of quotes from his earlier interviews (see here, here, here, here, here, and here), but it's a good summary aimed at those who aren't familiar with the show like we are.

  • Ty's Toy Box, a site for licensing industry news and information, calls the show "retro cool".
    Anyway, if I had talked about Legion, it most likely would’ve gone something like this: Wah wah wah, I am sad about Teen Titans being cancelled, but there is a small chance that Legion of Super Heroes will fill this hole in my heart.

    (I’d like to tell you it would’ve made more sense than that, but I’m afraid that’s pretty much what I would’ve said.)

    I don’t know if they’ve truly filled the hole, but they are just the kind of entertainment that someone who, say, grew up on Super Friends and later enjoyed Teen Titans might really get into. Its roots are in “old school” comics, while still bringing in plenty of what makes a modern kids’ show appealing.

  • Louise has a few dozen screen captures of the pilot episode, "Man of Tomorrow".

  • Mike, Die Führer von Piggies has an overall opinion on the series so far.
    Updated thoughts on the Legion of Superheroes cartoon: 6 - 6.5 /10.

    I've had time to reflect on it, and that's what I think of it. At first I said "a solid 7" but now I think 6.0~6.5 is about right. I don't know why, but it's not a show that I really get eager to see another episode of. More like "Legion's on... but I can just download it and watch it later" as opposed to "Justice League is on. Shoot the neighbors, drown the kids, and unplug the phone. Gonna 'geek out!'"

    It's pretty good for a KidsWB cartoon that has to appeal to mindless children. Hell, it's fantastic in that aspect. But it doesn't seem GREAT to me just yet. Only three episodes so far. Maybe a show like this has a learning curve to it, and I hope so. I see some potential in it, but some things should probably be toned down...

More later on other subjects...

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