Sunday, February 19, 2006

Animated Legion news 11.5

A "half-increment" update to the animated Legion series.

Based on the single image I posted the other day in part 10, traffic here has tripled, and much of which is coming from DC's message board, ToonZone and ActionFigureInsider. I just want to point out that the image came from the message boards at LegionWorld, the biggest Legion-centric forum out there and a great place to talk about the LSH.

So if you want to read what everyone is saying about the upcoming series, either in a forum or in comments, check out these links:

  • LegionWorld: here
  • The VHive (Dwayne McDuffie's site): here
  • ToonZone: here (current discussion starts at the end of page 2)
  • ComicsWorthReading: here
  • Captain Comics Roundtable: here
  • ActionFigureInsider: here

General consensus is not very favorable based on the one image posted so far. An interesting point, though, is that the artwork seems to be similar to the art from Star Wars: Clone Wars. I'll admit that Clone Wars is a much closer match than Teen Titans.

I love my Google Analytics page which tells me where my traffic is coming from. I'd never have known of most of these otherwise.

Update 2/22: Peter Fries, who posts at several of the above message boards, says that whoever the Legion page is by, assuming it's authentic, it's not Ben Caldwell, who apparently did some concept work for the series which was supposed to be "like I was trying to second guess what other people wanted to see in a post semi-Timm cartoon".

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