Sunday, February 12, 2006

Animated Legion news 9

Still no officially official news yet. Perhaps they'll let us know this week at WonderCon. However, it's not a national-security level secret, as word has been leaking since last summer.

Shawn posted that the meet-and-greet party last week went very well, as did the first recording session on Friday.

It was interesting to hear the voices they cast for the other roles. I felt a bit subconscious at first. I expected everyone to record individually; instead we recorded together. In the end, it's a lot more practical to record that way. It allows the actors to play off one another to make the moments/beats sounds as real as possible. It also lends itself to finding or fine tuning key moments in the script.

What a relief it is to work with happy people that are relaxed and enjoy their work. The production staff acts like a team. On most sets you can tell who the top dogs are (producers/actors) and those who aren't. You normally see the stress on certain production staff members faces as they run about performing tasks for the higher up producers/actors to keep them happy. There wasn't any of that Friday. It was refreshing.

After recording was complete we, the actors, were given a short tour of the studio. They showed us some preliminary artwork for our show and a few other shows. I am new to all of this so I was and will be very interested in learning all I can about animation and the 'process' while we're recording the next few weeks. One thing I learned is it takes about six months for them to complete an episode after the actors have recorded.

Scroll to the bottom of Shawn's post to see the cake they served at the party. With a design like that, I have good feelings about the show....

With the six-month animation time, we may see the first episode of the show around September.

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