Saturday, February 04, 2006

Animated Legion news 6

Two items this go-round.

  • The first cast meeting for the Legion series is this week. Apparently they are having a big meet-n-greet with the voice actors and the show bigwigs at the recording studio. Shawn (voice of Timber Wolf) has some practicing to do for his first recording session:
    * I just finished reading the script for the episode in which my character is introduced on the Legion of Super Heroes. Why do I spend the first half of the episode growling and howling like a wild animal? From the script:

    . Backlit by a FULL MOON, we see the outline of the BEAST. It lets loose a blood curdling [howl!]

    Blood curdling howl?!!!!! Man, I don't know how to howl. I better go rent some movies with wolves and get to practicing their howls. Yikes.

    Still no word from anywhere who these bigwigs are, though. As I mentioned earlier, supposedly informed speculation says Allan Heinberg ("New Avengers", "The O.C.") is the big cheese.

  • In the comments to a post on the Absorbascon (discussing "Far From Home" in general and the Emerald Empress in particular), there are reminders that, as Comics Continuum said back on January 2, "The Legion's appearance has nothing to do with the Legion show in development at Warner Bros. Animation." It has been suggested (and I'm trying to coroborate) that the animation style will be closer to that of the Teen Titans show, which was not tied to the DC Animated Universe like the Superman, Batman, and Justice League shows were/are. We'll see.

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