Thursday, February 09, 2006

"An item of nerd envy"

OK, is this cool or what? I mean, in a nerdy comic-booky sort of way.

Plastykgyrl, a member of the (Legion of) Punk Knitters, knitted this scarf for her friend Christopher Bird:

Which is a good lead-in to something I've been meaning to post here... What do you have in your "normal" non-comics-related life (reading, writing, collecting, etc.) that you've added a Legion touch to? I wouldn't include putting artwork on your walls at home, but anything outside is fair game. Some examples:

  • On my home wireless network Sleepnet, my laptop is Computo and my desktop is LSH-HQ.
  • My Palm PDA flashes an Omnicom picture when it starts up and a Legion symbol when it shuts down.
  • You dressed up like a Legionnaire for Halloween.
  • You have various Legion designs as backgrounds for your checks.
  • You own a knitted scarf with Legionnaire Mission Monitor Board symbols.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My laptop is also Computo on my wireless network at home. One desktop is LegionHQ, another is LegionWorld and my TiVo is Omnicom.

On my PSP I rotate backgrounds of the Legion.

When I print my own mailing labels I use either the Legion 'L' or other various Legion images.

My wife and I have t-shirts with an image a friend Photoshopped showing us as Garth and Imra. (Yes I'm lucky enough to have a wife who loves the Legion too.)

I have a stainless steel drinking mug, a hat and notebooks all with the Legion 'L' printed on them.

And for baby gifts in the last year I have given out four sets of onesies and bibs each with the Legion 'L' and Long Live the Legion printed on them.