Saturday, February 25, 2006

Animated Legion news 12: Unused designs

Scott at LegionWorld/Legion Clubhouse found concept art by two different artists, neither of which were used in the drawings we saw recently (the animated "Clone Wars" style by an artist as yet unnammed). Apparently a number of artists were asked to submit designs, and these make three we've seen - all different.

  • First up are designs by Ovi Nedelcu, who has concept art for Superboy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad, Timber Wolf, Brainiac 5, and XS on this page. Nedelcu was a designer on Static Shock and other shows.

  • Next are designs by Ben Caldwell (who was brought to our attention the other day). He has done numerous covers for the animated "Adventures" series. He posted concepts for Superboy/Clark Kent, Timber Wolf, Saturn Girl, and Brainiac 5. See the discussion and all of the artwork at this thread on his message board.

    On an earlier thread back in September, he mentioned that
    i also ended up doing tons of superman/superboy designs for the WB's legion series, although i doubt those will ever see the light of day...

    i did both traditional and leather jacket superboy for the new LoS cartoon, don't know that i'm allowed to show them but i'll find out.

    my designs are pretty conventional. they wanted something timm-ish, with a touch of ben c. although timberwolf was fun.

    A forum poster referred him to Ovi's drawings, to which he replied:
    ovi's designs are really great, i might actually want to see a cartoon with characters drawn like that! although i'm a little surprised he posted them, i guess clients are less fussy about that sort of thing than they used to be.

So, given three different artists' take on various Legionnaires, I think it's safe to say that we'll see at least Superboy, Saturn Girl, Timber Wolf, and Brainiac 5 (3x each), Lightning Lad (2x), and probably Bouncing Boy and XS (1x each), figuring that the artist wouldn't be asked to come up with sketches of characters we won't be seeing.

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Jeremy Rizza said...

Those are some fantastic designs! I especially liked Ovi's surly l'il, amber-eyed Timber Wolf.