Saturday, February 11, 2006

LSH items from WonderCon '06

From this weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco, some Legion-related tidbits on Day 1. (For Day 2 happenings, go here)

Day 1's "Rebuilding the DCU" panel

From Tom 2TUM Toner (via the ComixFan forums):

  • According to new Supergirl writer Greg Rucka, Supergirl is Kara Zor-El, "but she’s not who you think she is."
  • The Legion of Superheroes may appear in 52, but it['d] be really be hard to do. Waid insisted, "if it were to happen, the meeting of the heroes of the 21st and 31st centuries would really, really have to be big."

Newsarama's report expounds on these:
When an audience member said they were confused by just how many Supergirls there were in the DCU currently, and coming up, Didio interjected, asking, "C’mon, how many are there, really?"

The reader pointed out that there appear to be two in the current Supergirl title, and possibly a third that will be showing up in Legion of Super-Heroes as part of the One Year Later storyline, to which Didio replied, "Oh, I guess you're right – there are a lot." Asked when it will all make sense, Rucka, the upcoming writer on Supergirl said, "I know exactly who she is, and so does Mark," adding that the two are planning to meet this weekend to work out the hows and whys of Supergirl appearing in both titles at the same time.

"Within my first six issues, we find out some truths about Kara, and that she's not realy who we think she is, but she is Kara Zor-el," Rucka said, and then, noting some unrest from the audience added, "She's not a horse, she's not a zombie, and she's not a robot."

"Holy crap, now I'm nervous," Waid added with a chuckle.

And this:
The remaining time of the panel was spent by audience members suggesting characters to be put into 52, given the writers' claims that they’re going to try to fit everyone in. The rundown (notes on the characters were taken by Rucka and Wacker, and replies, when given came from various panel members):

  • Legion of Super-Heroes – "We’re looking for a way to bring them to the modern day DCU, and we want it to be big," Waid said. "52 might be the place."
  • Legion of Super-Pets – "Nice try"
  • Mon-El – "Possibly," Waid said.
  • Prez – "He came up, but we determined he was an Elseworlds," Rucka said. Waid: "Maybe I can put him into the Legion, and his super power can be that he's President of the United States."

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