Saturday, February 04, 2006

"Far From Home" reviews

So how did you like the JLU episode? I thoroughly enjoyed it. I realize there's only 22 minutes in which you can do something, and part of that time has to be taken up by the Justice League getting to the 30th century, but overall the pace was good and the storyline well-crafted. Bravo to McDuffie and Dini!

Traffic to my nearly quadrupled after I posted the "Far From Home" summaries and screencaps the other day. Thanks, hope you all stick around.

Reviews are starting to trickle in by those who've downloaded the episode from somewhere.

  • Ain't It Cool News gives it five stars. Correspondent "Drunken Irishman", who according to Hercules "I’m guessing doesn’t know his Validus from his Matter-Eater Lad", has trouble with names but liked the show:
    What's good?
    "You wanna shut up before you create a time paradox." The spaceships battling each other. "Just because he's seriously cute doesn't mean we should trust a Brianiac." "Maybe I was just trying to cop a feel." Green Arrow talking to Brainiac about Kara. Kara finally coming into her own as a superhero. Bouncing Boy bouncing. "Now this boy Kara likes so much, does he have a name?"

    What's bad?
    Kara and Brainiac fall for each other far to fast. It just seemed completely unrealistic. I know it's a cartoon, but give us some credit.

  • Kissed by Inertia shouts there needs to be a LoSH show immediately!

  • The Absorbascon (which calls this blog "wonderful") loves the Legion too.
    I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it before, but I love the Legion. It's the most DC-ish of the DCU, what with its wacky Silver Age extended continuity, and the most Marvel-ish as well, with its one-power teenagers and their little high school dramas. Shouldn't everyone love the Legion?

    Some commentary on the JLU episode leads to discussion of the Fatal Five, in particular the scariness of the Emerald Empress.

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