Sunday, February 05, 2006

Animated Legion news 7

Sleuthing around the blogosphere...

  • Norm Ryang is the prop designer on the upcoming Legion series, according to his profile on "Norm's Mess":
    Currently employed at Warner Bros. Animation as a Prop Designer for the Legion of Superheroes. Worked on Teen Titans, Jackie Chan Adventures...more info on IMDB.

  • Finally, even though "Far From Home" was well-recieved (by those who have seen it so far), it's worth pointing out a reminder that what we see isn't necessarily what we'll get. Recall this Silver Bullet Comics "All the Rage" from last summer, around the time of the San Diego Comic Con:
    However, the truly BIG news was not mentioned at the panel. The Legion of Superheroes appearance on JLU is no coincidence, and I've been told by reliable sources that a Legion of Superheroes animated series is set to go into production immediately after the completion of JLU. And most of JLU's creative team will be moving over to the new LoSH series, with one major exception... Bruce Timm. The new LoSH series is being spearheaded by Sam Register, the Vice President of Cartoon Network. Rumor has it that Register feels Timm’s work is "tired and dated" and that the new LoSH series will be done in more of a Teen Titans style of animation rather than the classic Timm style.

    There’s more... To further separate the two franchises, a major plot element from JLU is being ignored. In the new season, a JLU member will join the LoSH and stay in the future. But that character will not be appearing in the LoSH series. Instead, another DC "silver age" character will appear regularly. Additionally, there's talk that Register will not renew Timm's contract when it expires next year. Why? Well, from what I've heard Register is more concerned with creating his own legacy of shows... that he wants to be regarded in the same way as William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The fact that most of you have no idea who he is should tell you how successful that's been.

    Last summer, this was given a 7 out of 10 rating for believability and likelihood. I have no idea if this is still accurate today, but it does fit rumors I've heard elsewhere. We'll see very shortly, because....

  • Warner Animation will have some news, possibly as early as this month, as reported by Newsarama's Steve Fitch on 1/18/06:
    On one final note, the Warners did tell me there is going to be a lot of announcements, in fact three sets of them, coming from them in the very near future. The first will be delivered during WonderCon this February 24-25. The second will be during the upfront sessions that will be held by Kids WB and CN [Cartoon Network] on March 1. The last set will be around the middle of the March.

    At the upfronts, they'll probably hash out what will happen during the merger between the WB and UPN networks.


Norm Ryang said...

hey michael
i am the prop designer for legion and i don't know how much i'm allowed to divulge about the show. i can tell you that it is looking pretty sweet. we have several guys that used to work on titans, justice league, and a few other shows on our crew so everyone knows what's up. we're all excited about it and when there's any word on us being allowed to spill any info, i'll let you know. til then, if you have any specific questions, i may be able to answer them for you. drop me a line.

Michael said...

Thanks, Norm! I figured it was something along the lines of "we don't want to get into any specifics before the official announcement". But hell, I'm as excited as you guys are! You'll find that Legion fans tend to be very vocal and very passionate. We'll want to see the model sheets for the entire cast, tons of backgrounds, sketches, scripts, voice actors, storylines... you know, nothing too complicated! :)