Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Animated Legion news 10: Sneak Peek!

Updated 3/2/06: I've found out that this is an early, preliminary model sheet and does not represent the final designs - so don't start judging yet! This page also has some more unused concept designs.

Two big items, one old and one new, both from the LegionWorld boards...

The new:

Courtesy of Hurrikane, a colorized (by DrakeB3005) sneak peek at one of the model sheets for Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes. "The designs were released in groups of Superboy with different Legionaires." This is not your Timm-verse Legion!

This is reposted here by permission of Hurrikane, please do not post it elsewhere without his permission.

The old:

Turns out Mordru appeared in the second season of Justice League Unlimited, in the episode "The Greatest Story Never Told".

Here are some screencaps courtesy of World's Finest Online. The storyline, as recapped by LegionWorld's Stratum:
Well, Mordru is more of a sub-plot...basically the whole League has to take on Mordru and leave Booster and Elongated Man on 'Crowd Control'.

The story is about how Booster saves everything because he just happened to be there. It's honestly one of my favorite episodes and a great rendition of the character.

The WFO page says that Elongated Man was instrumental in taking down Mordru.

Yes, that's right, Elongated Man.


naladahc said...

Well... if that is indeed a true model sheet to the show... I can already say I'm not going to be able to watch it.

No doubt they'll go the route of Teen Titans-type storytelling as well.

Bryan-Mitchell said...

That doesn't look anything like the Teen Titans cartoon. It looks more like a drawing by Pablo Picasso's five year old kid.