Thursday, February 02, 2006

"Far From Home", part 1

This part covers the segment from after the opening credits to the first commercial break. All images copyright Warner Brothers Entertainment. Justice League and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyright DC Comics.

Pre-credits teaser

People running in the streets.

GL asks if Supergirl's ready - "dude, I was born ready!"

She makes quick work of Queen Bee and Dr. Cyber.
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They turn into robots after they're defeated; turns out it's a training program. GL calls back to Green Arrow and Superman in the HQ, running the sim. Two more robots turn into Atomic Skull and Blockbuster. Supergirl's not so pleased that Skull's got kryptonite blasts. Back at HQ, Green Arrow notes that today is her 21st birthday, but she'd rather stay and practice than go out on the town with Green Arrow and Black Canary. Green Arrow points out that she feels like an outsider - where Superman grew up on Earth, Kara didn't. Superman tried to discourage her from growing up in his shadow, tried to let her be her own person. Green Arrow says that she's proud of being his cousin, she even changed her costume to be more like his.
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Now that she's taken care of Atomic Skull and Blockbuster, GL says that she's completed her training, he's got nothing left to teach her.
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Green Arrow walks out to congratulate her, but suddenly a shimmering bubble appears around them. Superman sees and rushes out to save them, but they disappear before he can get there.
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They reappear in LSH HQ, and Supergirl recognizes Brainiac but thinks he's the villainous one.
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She tries to attack him but his force field repels her.
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Brainy explains he's "a" Brainiac, an organic one; the bad guy was a distant ancestor who figured out how to pass his code down biologically. He's the black sheep of the family, the one dedicated to doing good - which, as GL points out, he demonstrated by kidnapping them. Brainy explains that they're now 1000 years in their future. Chuck is excited to meet GL, the father of -- GL cuts him off.
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Brainy tells them that they're part of the Legion of Super-Heroes (like their Justice League), but a band of villains known as the Fatal Five attacked their HQ and captured all their teammates. Chuck notes that they must have a big plan but they don't know what it is. They needed help, so they sent a Time Bubble to bring back some of Earth's greatest heroes. Supergirl asks why them? Brainy sheepishly tells them it was random, they'd have taken anyone.
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Supergirl takes GL and Green Arrow aside and tells them she's not convinced - "just because he's seriously cute doesn't mean we should trust a Brainiac!" but they feel he's OK. Meanwhile, Chuck tells Brainy that the day they pulled her from is the day she disappeared from the historical records! "She's going to die, we have to tell her!"
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Brainy says they can't tell her for fear of changing history, and orders him to be quiet about it, but Chuck doesn't like it.
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GL, Green Arrow, and Supergirl come over and announce they're in.
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Brainy walks them to the lab, even though the equipment is out of date, but suddenly the Emerald Eye appears from nowhere and zaps them!
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Cut to commercials.

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Patrick Wynne said...

That was actually Atomic Skull, not Metallo.

Awesome episode! I had chills during some scenes.